Time Stealers

    Team » Time Stealers appears in 19 issues.

    Ten villains who want to conquer time.

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    After being defeated by Rip Hunter and Booster Gold, Mister Mind, mind controlling worm from Venus, schemed on how to take revenge on the "Time Masters". So, he created the Time Stealers. To begin, Mind took control of Booster’s father, Jon Carter, and stole the Supernova suit from Daniel Carter. He selected the members he wanted and then got several bad guys from across time: including Despero, from the early in Justice League history, and from the days of the Justice Society, Per Degaton.

    To get the next recruit, Degaton and Despero trek back to 1948 and got the Ultra-Humanite (in the body of Dolores Winters) to join them. The pair also acquire Ultra a new host, a powerful white gorilla called " Nzame," who was born in Gorilla City. Finding him at a matured state, they kidnap the gorilla and transfer Ultra's brain into its body. Ultra then joined the Time Stealers' grand plot to erase Booster Gold and Rip Hunter from the timeline.

    The group’s first official act all together was a joint attack of altering significant time points and attacking directly. The Time Stealers' goal was not to kill Booster Gold, but to prevent his successes from actually happening even when they had already happened. While Booster protected the origins of Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Superman, Rip's Time Bubble was attacked by Mr. Mind/Supernova. Another Time Stealer also joined the attack—Jason Goldstein, a former Time Master cast out by Rip. Goldstein now called himself Rex Hunter. The Time Stealers' roster was rounded out by Maximillion (an evil counterpart to Skeets) and the Black Beetle.

    The Black Beetle claimed to have hailed from the Twenty-seventh century. He first pretends to be a friend to Rip and Booster. However, this Beetle, whom Mr. Mind called "Joshua", gathered his own predecessors, Dan Garrret and Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetles I and III) and convinced them that they must save Blue Beetle II, Ted Kord.

    Finally, this ruse was revealed and members of the Justice league, including Booster and the current Blue beetle, fought the group. The League prevailed and time was restored back to normal, with the Time Stealers sent back to their origin time periods.


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