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"The Search for The Batman" continues! The Time Masters are tossed through a continually disrupted time stream as the devastation at Vanishing Point takes them further and further off the trail of the missing Bruce Wayne! Don't miss this companion series to the best-selling "Return of Bruce Wayne" storyline!

The Time Masters, Claw and Starfire are trapped by Serhatuu and it appears to be there end. Each hero is set upon by their own weakness. It will be up to the team to work together before they run out of time.


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Read something besides what you are told too. 0

Review This is a great book and I am enjoying the series so far.  This may be the best issue so far.  First of all the art is perfect.  The writing is great.  The only concern I have with the book is maybe the pacing.  With a time travel story you always hope everything turns out in the end.  You also want to be careful you don't get left behind.  I love this book and Booster and Rip have been great.  They are by far the stars of the book.  That is saying a lot when Superman and Hal Jordan are o...

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Supernova's Right, There IS Something More Complicated Going On 0

The Good: Rip's little flashback's at the start was by far the most interesting. I also like how there seems to be a progression in them. The separate prisons for each group of 2 was an interesting plot device, and it was handled really well. The 'enclosed' feeling was very well pulled off. Black Beetle's meeting with the Linear Men was really interesting, especially when Supernova got involved. The characters are finally starting to get what's going on instead of just wandering about like a gro...

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