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Desperotimes? Are You Sure About That?

The Good: Very nice cover. It really catches the eye. I dunno, I just remember going into the comic shop, yeah this was already on my list but it was the first comic I noticed on the shelf, it was like, "Oh hey, Time Masters is right there all out in front or something." 
These little glances at the childhood of Rip Hunter are always a neat little touch and a great way to start off each issue. This one was the best yet, we got to see a bit more into the character of Daddy Booster. 
Serhatuu is an excellently imposing villain. He looks like he's made of pure evil. 
Booster's dialogue is made of pure...... *sigh* gold. From his rapports with Starfire to the beratings from Green Lantern, Gold is always entertaining when he's in the spotlight........ How fitting XD. 
Another look at Black Beetle and the Time Stealers. I gotta say, as always, Black Beetle remains one of my favorite villains. It's almost maddening to try and figure out what's really going on in his head and Jurgens continues to keep him a mystery. 
I have no idea who the hell the Linear Men are but they did a nice job of summing them up without making it seem like forced exposition. 
The Bad: Stop it. Just stop. I mean, I get that searching for Batman is their primary goal but.... that's no longer what this miniseries is about. The search for Batman is just the end result. It seems to me that once they get their shit together they'll find Batman in about 3 pages. This miniseries is more about the plot they fell into while they just happened to bea searching for Batman.  
The cover, while awesome, is highly misleading. Desparo did nothing more than the rest of the Time Stealers. Maybe less. Black Beetle did the leading and the talking and UltraHumanite opened the door on the cover. Why the hell does Desparo have the spotlight? It's just odd. 
Something about the whole plot just seems kind of stale. Serhatuu is cool and all, but dragging together Serhatuu and Skyle seemed entirely too convenient. And the resolution of one of the cooler plot twists last issue seemed like a huge cop out. 
Ohhhh. Rock monsters. Yeah. THOSE are interesting and haven't been seen a million times. They didn't even look cool. 
In Conclusion: 3/5 
I'm feeling the Jurgens/Rapmund feel of Booster Gold here, but this issue just feels too messy. They came at us with 3 truckloads last issue and then suddenly decided to dump all the loads in one neat little pile. But that makes the pile messy. It's an enjoyable issue overall, and has the good sense of large scale, but lacks a bit in the plot department.

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