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Desperotimes? Are You Sure About That? 2

The Good: Very nice cover. It really catches the eye. I dunno, I just remember going into the comic shop, yeah this was already on my list but it was the first comic I noticed on the shelf, it was like, "Oh hey, Time Masters is right there all out in front or something." These little glances at the childhood of Rip Hunter are always a neat little touch and a great way to start off each issue. This one was the best yet, we got to see a bit more into the character of Daddy Booster. Serhatuu is an ...

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Review: Time Masters: Vanishing Point 1

The search for Batman gets positively labyrinthian as Rip Hunter, Booster Golder and their skeleton crew of "time masters" have adventures across a wider variety of epochs.  The Good This book is just good clean fun. Even when I wasn't quite familiar with all the characters and their place in continuity (more on that below) I was still enjoying this romp through DC's chronological cosmology. Jurgens is great nuts and bolts artist whose every line is always in service of telling the story withou...

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