"Superman" Time and Time Again

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    A Superman time travel story

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    Superman travels through time under the control of the Linear Man.


    At the beginning of this story, a time-traveling bounty hunter from the future, named Linear Man, wants to return Booster Gold back into his own time and era, as he is upset about Booster Gold seeing him misusing time travel for selfish purposes.

    The Linear Man manipulates Booster's robot assistant Skeets to lure Booster Gold to Metropolis. While he's trying to capture Booster Gold, Superman intervenes and is drawn into the time-stream instead of Booster Gold. Finding a way out of the time stream and mystery Superman is sent into a different time and space every time he is exposed to powerful explosions.

    On his journey, Superman encounters many friends and foes including Chronos, Etrigan the Demon, the Justice Society, as well as 3 different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes. While trying to find a way out, Superman has to fight T-Rex in the Stone Age, Nazis during World War II, and in the fat future, he is trapped in a museum of the 20th Century.

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