Was Timber Wolf updated in the 1990s?

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During the first post-Zero Hour run of Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 and Legionnaires vol 1 that ran from mid 1993 to early 2000, I noticed an updated version for almost every Legion member except for Timber Wolf. Was he the only Legionnaire not updated with the rest of the LSH in the aftermath of Zero Hour? 
Since Zero Hero ended in 1993, I figured Timber Wolf doesn't appear until Legion Worlds in 2001 updated with a cool look. I always wondered why he wasn't updated with the rest of the Legion in the 1990s or how and why creators decided on bringing T-Wolf back out of limbo in 2001. 
I really enjoyed Legion Lost and Legion Worlds in any case much more than LSH vol 4 and Legionnaires vol 1. The Legion run that followed Legion Lost and Legion Worlds was even better in the quality of stories. Almost ranks up there with the original LSH from the 1980s.

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