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After traveling back in time with a number of his teammates from the Legion of Superheroes, the remainder of the team (referred to as Legion Lost out of continuity) is on the trail of Alastor who threatens to release a virus which can destroy all of mankind. After nearly stopping him in Minnesota the team travels to New York City in their continued attempt to track him. Timber Wolf will now have to face off against an army of Harvest's minions.


Timber Wolf - Feral!
Timber Wolf - Feral!

Brin even at an early age was active and displayed extraordinary tracking abilities. Brin’s father, Dr. Mar Londo used a team of super-strong androids he created to enter the planet of Zoon in order to retrieve the rare element Zuunium. To lead the mission he appointed his most intelligent creation, Karth Arn, as the leader. Avoiding many obstacles, the nine androids encountered dangers such as giant cave-monsters and centipedes that were hundreds of feet in length. In the end, Karth Arn, was the only out of the nine to return to the surface of the core of the planet where the element was located. Dr. Londo used the Zuunium ray device he created to give his son, Brin Londo, partial super-powers. As there was only enough of the element to use on his son, Dr. Londo died soon after from the strain of overwork, but happy that he succeeded in his dream. Karth Arn was jealous of the love Dr. Londo gave his son instead of him, and tormented Brin who was suffering physically and mentally from the treatment, believing himself doomed to eternal loneliness, Brin wandered his planet and took on the name Lone Wolf.


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Timber Wolf was created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte and his first appearance was in Adventure Comics #327 in 1964.

Character Evolution

Though Brin has been a valuable teammate and member of various incarnations of the Legion of Super Heroes, his personality is generally portrayed as that of more of a loner (in keeping with the theme of his alter ego name.)

Major Story Arcs


Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf

Karth was upset that Dr. Londo gave Brin the powers of the ray or Zuunium and that he was left as head of the Londo household. Being that he was the one that retrieved the element he felt that he should have gotten this honor. This caused Karth use a stun gun on Brin which gave him amnesia. He led Brin to believe that he was Karth and the Karth himself was Brin Londo the son of Dr. Londo. Soon afterward, Brin, believing himself to be Karth, ran away so he could go someplace where he could pass for human, leaving the android to carry on posing as Brin Londo. The android feared Brin's return and so began to build powerful weapons to deal with him should that day come. Wandering the world for a year he made it to Earth where he attended the interplanetary circus. Brin managed to save to audience of the circus from a stampede of wild animals by lifting a spotlight, scaring the animals away before anyone could get hurt. Legionnaires Light Lass and Brainiac 5 were at the circus and saw it all happen. Light Lass was impressed by his heroics and invited him to apply for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Believing he was still the android Karth Arn he declined saying he was more of a "Lone Wolf". After a series of crimes were made to be believed that Brin "Lone Wolf" was the thief. The Legionnaires went to investigate, and saw that there were no fingerprints. When a second team arrived, their cruiser was hit by a strange blue ray, which began to pull them into another dimension. Seeing their peril, Lone Wolf rammed his ship into theirs, knocking them out of the ray's path. In the aftermath of the crash, Light Lass awakened "Lone Wolf" with a kiss, and after revealing to her that he wasn't human he ran away at super-speed. The Legionnaires uncovered information regarding Dr. Mar Londo's android experimentation from years ago and questioned "Brin Londo" - actually Karth Arn - regarding Lone Wolf. When the real Brin Londo approached the building, Ultra Boy jumped him. After Brainiac 5 found the stolen space crystals and inter-dimensional ray in Londo's lab he was convinced that Karth Arn was the real android thief and cured Lone Wolf of his amnesia.


A few years later he entered the Legion under the codename Timberwolf. Shortly after, Brin was thought dead for six months, but had actually been kidnapped by the villain Tyr. During his captivity, Brin’s body evolved and even when fully human, he gained some animalistic traits like clawed fingernails, slightly elongated canines and enhanced strength and speed.

Legion 5 Years Later

When Reep Daggle wanted to restart the Legion after a 5 year break, he and Rokk Krinn went to Rimbor to recruit Jo Nah. This big hair monster joined with Jo who he called Furball. Furball was Timber Wolf he had went through another mutantion accident. Brainiac 5 tried to cure him but only partial success. Timber Wolf was sent back in time to the 21 century where he battled the Dominators before he returned to the 31 century.

Powers and Abilities

His body charged by Zuunium rays, Timber Wolf possesses partial super-powers. He is super-strong, and is able to make giant leaps. He also possesses super-agility, able to perform amazing acrobatic feats. He is also able to run at super-speed. As a result of his werewolf like mutation. he gained claws. These claws are very sharp and tough. He is often prone to outbursts of savage fury because of his feral nature. He also has a slight healing factor that allows him to recover from non lethal damage at an accelerated rate. He has great super human senses. He can see from far distances, can smell things from far away and hear things from far away. He also has a quick reaction time.


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