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Current Events

Tim hunter recently appeared in Justice League Dark #11 where he revealed to Madame Xanadu that all he wanted was a normal life and that he had given away all of his magic.


Tim Hunter, a young boy from London was approached by four men of great mystical power, the Trenchcoat Brigade, and told that he had the potential to become the greatest magician of all time. Of course, he was a little unsure at first, and before he made his decision whether or not he would accept the world of magic, they were each to show him part of the history of magic, let him see what world he could be a part of. So the Phantom Stranger took him through the history of magic, John Constantine took him to meet practitioners of magic in the present including Zatanna, Doctor Occult (as Rose) tours him through the Faerie and various other dimensions (including Hell, The Dreaming, Gemworld and Skartaris) and Mister E shows him the future all the way up to the end of time where E tries to kill Tim who is saved, ironically, by Death. Although the illusion of a choice was proposed initially, since he was shown magic, Tim never really had a choice at all and so began his journey to become The Merlin.


Created in 1990 by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton, Tim Hunter first appeared in the prestige-format four-issue miniseries The Books of Magic. Each issue was by a different artist and took on a different area of the magic in the DCU but ironically, the character would be brought back to comics in 1993 as part of the Vertigo imprint and most of his DCU ties would be cut and he was left to explore a different world with new allies and enemies (although the occasional cameo from characters met in the original miniseries would still occur). It should also be noted that Tim Hunter predates his oft-compared novel counterpart Harry Potter by seven years (although The White School Tim attended for a few years only came about in 2000, after the fourth Harry Potter book...all of which, up to that point, revolved around the idea of Harry attending the magic school Hogwartz).

Character Evolution

Following the initial Books of Magic miniseries, Tim is next seen in the series, Mister E, which details the man's journey back to his own time. His next big role was in the Children's Crusade which had an Arcana Annual, a one-shot dedicated to Tim Hunter's role in the story. From that point he has appeared in several different titles for a cameo here and there but for the most part he has been limited to a number of volumes with The Books of Magic title or variants thereof. The first of these, as well as the longest, began publication in 1994 under the Vertigo imprint. It was written by John Ney Rieber (#1-50) and Peter Gross (#51-75) all with consultation from Neil Gaiman and ran for six years and seventy-five issues, along with three annuals. After the title's conclusion, it was not long before Tim Hunter returned to the comic book world in 2001, this time in a five issue miniseries, The Names of Magic by Dylan Horrocks, which actually served as a bridge to the ongoing title, Hunter: The Age of Magic which ran for twenty-five issues before being canceled in 2003. The latest Books of Magic series, Books of Magick: Life During Wartime was written by Si Spencer with some co-plotting by Neil Gaiman and took place in multiple worlds, although he was the original Tim Hunter, the rest of the cast were mainly alternate versions of supporting characters from his earlier tales.


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