Would pre-52 Tim Drake fit into Batman new-52 continuity?

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Hello! I'm a new comics reader, who is developing a headache since start reading comic, mostly because I'm researching the timeline of pre-52 first from wikipedia rather than the new one. I don't know if it's a wrong move or not... ^^; (But I'd say that I'm a proud Robin(s) fan even before reading the comic--need to know Steph more)... nevermind. Tim Drake's backstory feels really interesting and well crafted before, and he fit perfectly into the Family. I want to know him more (and his character development), but I find it hard to get digital copy of his 'Robin' and 'Red Robin' issues. Pity I can't find the continuity in new-52 since his and other Bats character reboot. :(

But that's not my point here.

So, I'm reading several new-52 Bat titles right now and I'll say that Snyder's and Capullo's Batman did it good(the one that didn't give me a massive headache). As far as I read, it still fits pre-52 continuity(don't know about Zero Year, though) with those little family-moment tucked in between.

My questions: Would pre-52 Tim Drake fit into Bat titles new-52 continuity? If the answer if yes, tell me how, and why. I need your opinion, here. :)


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Nope none of them do, they got rid of too much for any of the pre-52 books to be in continuity.

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@lumutness: Piratebay has all of Tim's annuals, team-ups, and issues if you're still looking to Read Robin's series.

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