Where is Tim Drake?!?!

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Is teen titans goin to be the central focus for tim drake?or the only focus or what? he doesnt seem to hav a solo series in the new dcu yet. i luv the characer in all forms but lov him on his own alot more,plus i hope he still has major links to batman in this new world cuz if all computer geeks can just get up from behind the keyboard wit the skill to go one on one with ra's al ghul then theres something wrong there,just hope we see him all over n not just fixed to the titans, pls DC!!!!

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Didio said that all of the robins will have a main title which explores them, he also said  Teen Titans will be the one for Tim. 

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Hopefully sometime soon Tim will get his own series. Red Robin is by far one of the best seires i have ever read! To lose it is almost heartbreaking.....scratch that, it is heartbreaking! But before i burst out into tears i will say that at least he's 'still' in something and isn't forgotten and its a relief to hear that he's still connected to the bat-family. 
Now where was I? Oh, yes.....T_T

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