What should I read to get into Tim Drake?

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As a relatively new reader I've failed to see what is so great about Tim Drake. I've gotten to know Jason through Batman: Under The Hood, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and a couple others. I've gotten to know Dick through his New 52 series, Dixon's run, and Morrison's run on Batman and Robin. And I've gotten to know Damian through the New 52 Batman and Robina and almost the entirety of Morrison's Batman run.

However I haven't got to see much of Tim, although I've heard him get a lot of love, and I've seen a lot of people call him their favorite Robin. I haven't really given him much of chance and I want to get into the character, but I don't know what to read. If I could get some recommendations that would be great.

Something besides the New 52 Teen Titans since I've heard that it's so-so.

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I would recommend his pre new 52 Robin and Red Robin series (but start with the older stuff), and Maybe Knight Fall, in the new 52 really don't see much of him, and in most of his animated appearances he is completely different than in the comics the comics.

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^Same suggestion. Pick up the trades from Dixon's run, and every trade that comes after, as those are the stories that made Tim Drake for all intents and purposes, introducing him to the masses and increasing his popularity. The basic setup for him in that series is completely different from that of his predecessors and really did a lot to set him apart from them. Also check out the Teen Titans, Geoff John's run, which went up to Infinite Crisis and past Infinite Crisis. Its leagues better than the New 52 stuff.

I'd also second Knightfall as well, specifically volumes 1 and 3 (Knightsend).

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The some of the pre Knightfall stories in "Batman" and "Detective Comics" from Veshark's list are also quite essential especially:

  • Detective Comics #618-621 - Rite of Passage (Tim Parents are kidnapped and Batman goes to save them)
  • Batman #455-457 (Tim gets the Robin suit)
  • Detective Comics #647-649 (introduction of Spoiler)

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