Tims Aliases ?

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Tims Character Wiki here on Comic Vine lists several aliases I have never heard of: Redbird, Gary Glanz, Spectacular Sunbird and Cal Corcoran.

Does anybody know in which comic and why he has used them?

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Redbird was his online code name in Red Robin, Cal Corcoran is the name he goes by in Futures End since he faked his death, and I'm pretty sure Glanz and Sunbird were a civilian/hero alias combo he used when he went outside of Gotham on some mission when he was still Robin.

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@aahz: what's his actual name. Tim is a fake witness protection name. Was his name even mentioned?

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@the_tree: Do you now in which Comic Series he used Sunbird and Glanz? Young Justice? Teen Titans? I would like to find a picture of his Sunbird Costume.

@w0nd: In the new 52? I'm actually more interested in pre 52. But as far as I know his original last name was not mentioned but it is said that Timothy was his first name and Drake was his middle name.

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