Tim Drake's Personality?

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I've wanted to get into comics for a while, but I haven't had the time. Instead, I've mostly read about events from online sources (wikipedia, various wiki's, etc.) My favorite comics so far are all related to the Bat Family (Pre52), however there's one thing that has always interested me. I've been able to figure out most of the Bat Family's personalities fairly well, however I can't really find anything on Tim. I know he's a great detective and skilled with computers, but thats about it. Can someone help? What are Tim's likes, dislikes, habits, skills, etc. (Pre52)

I'm also new to Comic Vine, so if I've done anything wrong, please let me know so I don't mess up in the future.

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At least at the Beginning of his career he was portrayed as the a nerdy teenager who liked computer games, classic Sherlock Holmes Movies and played “Warlocks and Warriors” (= Dungeons and Dragons) with his friends and had the usual teenage hero problems with parents, school and his girl friend.

Before he became Robin he always wanted his parents (who travelled around the world and put him in Boarding Schools) to spend more time with him, but when his father (after he was bound in a wheel chair) wanted to spend more time with him Robin was more important to him.

He was probably more mature than the other Robins, but this may also due to the fact that he is between 15-16 in most comics while Jason and Dick are usually between 12-14 and Damian around 10.

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