Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain: A possible couple?

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I've been thinking a lot lately about these two. Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain are easily my favorite characters in the Bat family. I know around the net people have shipped these two together with artwork and fan-fics. I never really read into possible relationship between the two, because they really just seemed like good friends. But could it possibly lead to something more?

 Could this handshake be the start of something more?
 Could this handshake be the start of something more?

Let's go back a couple of years. Tim was first introduced to Cassandra during the No Man's Land story. He wasn't exactly too fond of her at first, due to her quiet nature. When Tim teamed up with her in Batgirl #18, Tim confessed to her on why he felt like he's been avoiding her. They both ended up being friends afterward.

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After the events of War Games and Identity Crisis, Tim and Cassandra teamed up once more, this time in Bludhaven. Both were dealing with some hard times; Tim, losing his girlfriend, Stephanie Brown in the War Games, and his father in Identity Crisis, while Cassandra lost her best friend, who was Tim's girlfriend. They were both also dealing with some problems with Batman. After dealing with Penguin, the two had an interesting conversation about how to live their own lives. The moment could have ended up differently just because both of them were still somewhat tense. Like how Tim and Wonder Girl shared a moment in Teen Titans after Superboy's death.

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And now comes the One Year Later topic. It's this topic that really hint that Cassandra may have had feelings for Tim. When Tim came back from his year long trip with Batman and Dick, he was set-up for the murder of Batgirl by none other than Cassandra. Sometime in the year before, Cassandra became the leader of the League of Assassins, a move a lot of fans still harbor ill feelings about. Cassandra showed some, I don't want to call it attraction, for Tim, but rather a lot of admiration for the Boy Wonder. She even "helped" him in some of his cases. Now, you can argue the fact that Cassandra was drugged  and that wasn't really her talking, but what if it was her true feelings towards Tim she was expressing, but kept them buried deep within her? Tim and Cassandra never talked about those days ever since, but when Nightwing questioned her loyalties when she returned, not only did Batman defended her, but Tim as well.

Yes, I added this infamous scene
Yes, I added this infamous scene

This all leads to the current events. After Tim became Red Robin and got his own issues straight, he went to see Cassandra in Hong Kong about her being Batgirl, or just to wear a bat symbol. Tim was the only one who really had contact with her, despite under orders of Bruce, but it pretty much established that Tim cares about her. He (along with many other fans) doesn't want her to disappear and she will always have a place with them. She's currently teaming up with her adopted family in Batman: Gates of Gotham. But the one issue I'm looking forward to seeing her in is Red Robin #25.

Red Robin #25
Red Robin #25

This brings me to the real reason of a possible romance or at least confession with the two. If you recall the ending of Red Robin #24, Tim is in a very awkward situation. I wonder how Cassandra will see that as? Considering that she's getting ready to punch Drake on the cover, not so well. Could that be signs of jealously? I kid.  


I could be thinking too much on the topic. After all, it probably won't even matter come September, due to the DC relaunch. But wouldn't it be something if Fabian Nicieza pulls something beforehand and totally screw with fans? I do like the relationship Tim is in with Tamara Fox, but I doubt it will last due to his lifestyle and the fact that he lied about Lucius Fox being dead. Cassandra is single currently, and if a possible relationship would occur, Cassandra could keep Tim in line. Tim is starting to become like his mentor when it comes to ladies. It's got to be the costume. Next time, I'll talk about a possible relationship pairing with Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain (I'm kidding).

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It's interesting, but I've always seen them more as an incredible crime-fighting team than anything else.
Tim and Tam make the most sense as a couple to me.

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@velle37: True. I wish to see the two of them interact more often. My favorite story with the two has to be in Fresh Blood story (Robin #132-133, Batgirl #58-59). In a way, this was kind of a joke when I first wrote this, but I am a bit curious.
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I always kinda liked the whole Tim / Stephanie thing, myself.

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Sounds fan-fic to me.

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I would love to see them end up being a couple. It would make sense. If they ever did get together it would be cool to see them given their own series similar to that of the Green Arrow/Black Canary format.

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Not to get off-topic, but may I ask what comic issues the 2 images on the left are from?
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@Miss Marvel: The first one is from Batgirl vol1 #59 and the second one is from Teen Titans vol3 #44.
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@JediXMan: I don't mind that relationship either. They really do make a good couple as well.
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@Duo_forbidden: Thanks! I saw that second pic and just had to know, you know? Thanks again =D 
It would interesting to see Tim and Cass as a couple, but of course with the revamp we pry never will =(
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I could see it but I like Tim and Tam but with the upcoming reboot she may be left out.

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I think they would be good together and they even have chemistry

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yeah! they'd definitely make a great couple! no arguements here!

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I think they'd make a good couple, but would Stephanie Brown create a love triangle for Tim.

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Didn't Bruce officially adopt Cass? Or did he just offer to? Because an adopted sister is still your sister.  
I think it'd be weird.

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@fodigg: That is also true. However, I didn't see any adoption papers. No papers, no adoption lol J/k.
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I thought I was one of the few who thinks they look great as a couple. :)

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@Duo_forbidden: Think of it more as a Mafia family.  It doesn't seem too bad, then.
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I like the idea of it but i can see some flaws
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I want to ask which  issues is the first image on the right,  
i would love seeing  them together I think would be very interesting

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@Andrei118: Batgirl #18.
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It would be interesting to see what would happen between the two.
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I can't believe I never thought of this before, I would love to see Tim and Cassie!

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I would like to see them together more but if they're going to be an actual couple is anyone's guess
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I added a page that caught my eye in Batman: Gates of Gotham 5 that really could be interpreted any way.

Gates of Gotham 5
Gates of Gotham 5
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I'm sorry, but I'm gonna give this a huge no. They are family, no matter how you look at it. I don't like incest stuff. Like when people shipped Jason and Dick, they are brothers why would you ship them? It's just...no.

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