Thoughts on Ryan Potter as Tim Drake?

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As many of you may know in the past week there has been a big thing about Ryan Potter as Tim Drake. it started with him saying he likes the idea of playing Tim and then that it would be amazing for representation (considering that the Batfam, or more specifically batboys, is a historically white group even considering the retcon of dick grayson and damians heritage, who are often still coloured in as white people on page and in animations).

He then released a video showing him fighting several people in a combat scenario, with the video ending with him directly speaking to Ben Affleck saying "Batman needs a Robin" and quoting Tim's words when he was introduced like 27 years ago.

Personally I'm entirely on board with him playing Tim Drake, as his age and appearance means that he can play someone between the ages of 16-20 (at least from my perspective as somebody who hasn't been 18 for very long and often fails to see young characters played by people who actually look the age they're playing). Before seeing Ryan Potter's tweets I had always imagined Logan Lerman as Tim when forced to choose simply because we have a limited choice of young actors though I would have chosen an unknown actor or newby who can act like how Daisy Ridley was not a well known actor before Star Wars or even have an open casting for the role. After seeing Potter's tweets and later video I believe he could be a very good Robin, especially considering the slim pickings we've had in the past.

My reasons to support him as Tim are as follows:

1. He already knows both martial arts and how to act. He knows White Tiger Kung Fu and has been studying it since he was 8, so fight scenes would look a lot better and the film wouldn't have to rely on stunt doubles as much.

2. Although some fans have been critical saying that it is unprofessional to declare that they would like to have the role, the way I've seen it is that he is acting like Tim did when he first wanted to be Robin. Tim told Bruce he needs a Robin and showed his skills and why he would be good for the part, and Ryan did the same thing to Ben by showing his skills and why he would be good for the part.

3. It allows for diversity. I know a lot of people don't like to talk about it, and say that new characters should be created instead of changing old ones but it doesn't change Tim's characterisation and allows non-white fans to see themselves in films, especially comic book films in which there are a limited amount of roles for non-white people. This is even more so for the Asian community, in which there are barely any Asian superheroes depicted on screen. Nick Fury was originally white, and many see Samuel L Jackson as the perfect man to play him. To quote "Superheroes were created to show that anyone can be extraordinary no matter who they are, where they come from or what they look like"* so DC can show people that anyone can be super, even if the majority of films don't show this.

So what do you guys think? Would you like to see him play Tim? Do you care who plays him?

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I personally wouldn't mind. I think he would make a nice Tim.

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Fuck diversity. Never had a problem seeing myself in his shoes.

That said if he can pull of the part, and it seems like he could, id be ok with it.

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idk who he is.

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