terry (Batman Beyond) vs. Tim Drake

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in the above listed Myspace group, there is a tread going on in which a ton of people seem to believe that the ill trained Terry could really beat Tim.

I find that most of you here are actual comics fans, where as it seem most of them are cartoon junkies. Join that group and give your opinions.

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Tim could win if we are talking about present tim but if we r talking about tim joker of the movie then terry wins

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Terry may be stronger but just that
Drake takes it

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i love Tim but Terry is just to good Terry has Tech From the future

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I only know of him from the show. However it seems like Tim has more experience and he has beaten lady Shiva in a sparring match and Batman has called her the best martial artist on the planet. She even trained batman. Terry is just a good fighter with a great mentor and great tech.

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