Five Developments About Tim Drake in TEEN TITANS #0

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#51 Posted by Phantim555 (231 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dedpool said:

I actually like the changes made to Tim, my favorite Robin, er, Red Robin!! It makes him stand apart even more!

*High five*

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I have a feeling that they're going to make Tim and Jason brothers. Loebdell has been making them much chummier in the new52 than they were previously. Plus, we've all seen that Jason's mom was preggers in the 0 issue of RHatO, we dont know why Tim's parents were so loving toward him (not that parents shouldn't, but the emphasis Scott put on their adoration of him makes me think that there is something we're not being told - like they couldn't conceive and got this super bad-ass baby and are awesome loving parents as a result...or whatever). What was his last name before? Were his parents the other Todds? Maybe Jason's aunt or Uncle (presumably, Tim's folks) took Tim in, didn't know what happened to Jason. In the TT 0 issue, there is even a reference about Tim and Jason getting along for some reason - I see that as a major hint. All that said, I'm not very keen on the idea of them being brothers....

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I am not at all a fan of Lobdell's work on Teen Titans and Tim Drake's character. Tim Drake has always been my favorite Robin, and he is just being butchered by Lobdell's writing.

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Why is Tim's father missing both eyes?

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@ME24601 said:

I am not at all a fan of Lobdell's work on Teen Titans and Tim Drake's character. Tim Drake has always been my favorite Robin, and he is just being butchered by Lobdell's writing.

I totally agree. I think Tim was been one of the most poorly managed characters in the New 52. I really feel like DC is screwing the pooch on trying to make Batman fit this 5 year time frame. They're either going to have to figure out a way to fix this convoluted mess or do another reboot in a few years...I'll just go back and start collecting back issues of Robin instead :)

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@LordRequiem said:

Why is Tim's father missing both eyes?

He is secretly Brian Azzarello...or Ares, hard to tell with those two.

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OK I am totally missing something that is apparent to everyone else. Can someone please explain the following to me?

1. Why did he add RED to Red Robin? I understand he wanted to make it connected to the Robin legacy but make it something more, is IS there any significance to the Red part?

2. What is G-man talking about on the last page? I reread it and I can't find the name thing he's talking about. I THOUGHT it was the RED part of the character's name, but is he implying that Tim Drake isn't his real name? Sometimes I need things right in front of my nose to see them.

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#58 Posted by r3d_rob1n (543 posts) - - Show Bio

@Tmul501: Wow I hope that is not true. I like that Tim and Jason are getting along now, as Tim has always been shown to give Jason the benefit of the doubt and he attempts to establish a friendship, but they should not be related. Besides, Tim's real rival nowadays is Damian, not Jason. Jason also seems to hold a grudge against Dick. One reason I think that Tim and Jason are not related is that something as easily researched like adoption records would surely have been noticed by Bruce. If Tim and Jason were at all related then I don't see Batman taking Tim in as Robin.

Is Tim still adopted by Bruce in the New 52? If his parents are still in hiding (though I believe they died later on) then I can't see Tim becoming Tim Drake-Wayne.

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@ME24601 said:

I am not at all a fan of Lobdell's work on Teen Titans and Tim Drake's character. Tim Drake has always been my favorite Robin, and he is just being butchered by Lobdell's writing.

RIP Tim Drake

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#60 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2730 posts) - - Show Bio

I have heard that its a great comic and that its one of DC's WORST new 52 comics. I haven't read any of it myself because I have missed SO MUCH. but is it good? Or is it bad?

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#61 Posted by Suprman (458 posts) - - Show Bio

@ArtisticNeedham: I don't particularly Like Lobdell's work at DC, but you should read one issue or the trade and see for yourself

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Lobdell is clearly setting up Tim's parents to be killed. It makes perfect sense with the interview he gave regarding Death of the Family. He made some comments about a change of approach with Jason and Tim after getting brought in on Snyder's plans with the Joker.

I suspect the whole restoration of the 'Drake' family is only temporary and meant to put Tim through some dark, psychological torture; same for Jason and his retooled origin. The Joker crossover will apparently have a deep impact on every Bat member.

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@Mbecks14 said:

@sethysquare said:

There was hardly any mention of his olympic level athlete. He is an overachiever, he is good as sports, great at studies and a master detective.

Dick and Jason were neither smart nor great at sports.

Jason is a street thug, Dick is a circus performer.

It also makes sense because Tim had only 1 year or so with Bruce. Maybe 2. Its impossible for a really smart kid to fly around buildings and swing around buildings. He needs to be athletic and it makes sense. In the old continuity, Tim had lots of training, but it is like in a span of say 4 years. Even so, its not enough for a non athletic person to do the crazy stunts and face villains with guns and bombs. The old universe did not make sense, the new one tries to make sense outta it.

But anyways, its pretty fun to see the meltdown you people are having. LOL

The first chunk of the book establishes him being an olympic level athlete. I'm ok with Tim having some skill prior to his time with Bruce, but coming from different backgrounds doesn't necessarily make a character unique unless they're written that way. Dick is now an acrobatic gymnast who Batman brought into the Robin-hood (ha). Bruce recruited Jason. Now Bruce recruited Tim for basically the same reasons as Dick. Now they are all black haired, blue eyed, white males who are gymnastic that Batman recruited. Which makes them less unique.

I don't think this origin makes any more sense than the last one. Realistically why would Tim not go into hiding with his parents? Tim was always athletic and I would say 4 years of training with Batman would be a good amount of time to get the skills to be a good Robin. The new origin isn't a bad origin per se, it just totally dismantles Tim Drake as a character we know and love.

lol dick is a circus performer. he was adopted by bruce. tim was an over achiever that forced his way into robin just like how he found out bruce's secret pre 52.

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#64 Posted by Mbecks14 (2114 posts) - - Show Bio

@sethysquare: So in the new 52 he deduced Batman and Nighwing's identity's and convinced Bruce to let him be Robin to save him from the downward spiral he was in because of Jason's death? Because what I see is Batman recruiting Tim who stumbles upon his identity.

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@MuyJingo said:

@mpierce2690 said:

Ok, this is seriously the worst argument about the New 52. Either you make changes to their backstories, or you cut out Damian, Tim Drake, and probably Jason Todd. You can't have it both ways. If Bruce had Dick Grayson as his Robin for ten years after five years as Batman, Batman would be in his mid-40's at the very youngest, probably closer to 50 if not older. And that's assuming Bruce is currently around 30.

Batman could be about 40. If he had Grasyon for around 8 years, Jason for say 2, Tim for 4 and Damien for 1....that's 17 years of Robin's. Batman started being Batman around 25 (he was 25 when he returned in Year One IIRC) that would make him 40/41.

Which is fine. Why make Bruce 25 - 30 AND try to cram in all the robins?

Having the Robins for the short time periods tries suspension of least to me. And yes, I know this is comics.

DC is trying to have every book in their new 52 line fit in this 5 year time frame. So when they set out to start over and make most of the bigger characters younger, they had to reduce the age of Batman, which also limits the time frame for his solo adventures, number of Robins, etc. If he was 40 and every major hero was 20-30 it wouldn't line up. Plus, its obvious that DC is still determined to make Superman the worlds first superhero. So if Batman was 40, and had all his stories, it would negate the fact that Superman came first. I agree that he shouldn't be forced to be younger. And I also agree that having all the Robins in 5 years is stupid, but that comes with the territory of a company wide reboot. Guess people just have to accept that fact and move on.

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#66 Posted by Cervantes (655 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mbecks14 said:

The parents and the name change I'm not too concerned about.

It's the Batman recruiting Tim part I have a problem with. Tim's deduction of Batman's identity and persistence of becoming Robin made him unique. Now he's barely any different than Jason or Dick.

I've gone from mad to sad to just disappointed. I'm slowly giving up on DC more and more.

QFT, OMG. DO NOT mess with Tim Drake. I declare the New 52 "non-canon" where teenaged characters are concerned!

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#67 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

@Nwing77 said:

Lobdell is clearly setting up Tim's parents to be killed. It makes perfect sense with the interview he gave regarding Death of the Family. He made some comments about a change of approach with Jason and Tim after getting brought in on Snyder's plans with the Joker.

I suspect the whole restoration of the 'Drake' family is only temporary and meant to put Tim through some dark, psychological torture; same for Jason and his retooled origin. The Joker crossover will apparently have a deep impact on every Bat member.

That would be cool but I don't know. Almost everyone in the Bat family already has a personal grudge against Joker. I'd hate it if they changed the death of Tim's parents just to give him a bigger connection to joker. Now the theory going around that Jason and Tim could be brothers might make that more interesting. Jason finding out he has family and then watching them die all over again.

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#68 Posted by UltimateSMfan (2377 posts) - - Show Bio

@sweetesttoaster: you'd think these writers would have some imagination....this 5 yr timeline was a fine idea until they decided to fit all their continuity into it,hear me out, superman traveled the world and operated in secret for a some time, he continued to do so in metropolis,batman was an urban legend for quite some time too....DC shldve just considered that lots of heroes were roaming around in secret Superman was just the first to reveal himself and inspire the other newer heroes who stumbled across their powers eg.GL, Flash come out of the shadows,they coudve easily made batman in his mid thirties and fit the 4 male robins in comfortably(barbara too considering she joined shortly after dick) if he started as batman when he was 25( IMO he cldve started when he was 23) so he could be 33-34,heck ,Michael jordan was in his prime at that age. but watever they've done an ok job explaining the robins(NOT) just wish they wouldnt change the essence of the characters dont need to do that to fit in 5 yrs.

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#69 Posted by Sammo21 (733 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite DC ruined. Everything that made Tim Drake cool was thrown out of the window.

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#70 Posted by Enyalios (159 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dedpool: Thing is, it doesn't make him stand apart. The pre-52 Tim stood apart from all the others. He deduced Bruce's identity. He wanted to be Robin, not out of a sense of vengeance or anything, but because he felt it was the right thing to do. Batman needed a Robin and since Dick wasn't going to do it, he would. He proved himself worthy of the mantle before he took it, not raised as a protege like Dick or having Batman guilted into allowing it like Jason. And He was already the only one that had to essentially go to boot camp before he was even allowed to train with Bruce.

New-52 is Dick-lite.

  • Little skinny kid with black hair? Check
  • Trained acrobat? Check
  • Parents taken out of the picture? Check
  • Recruited and then trained by Batman to be Robin? Check (Oh wait, I want to go by RED Robin because I want to pretend I'm different. Please).
  • Founds a team filled with other younger versions of the Justice League? Check

Jason now has the distinction of being the most unique of the Bat-family if only because he failed and still tries.

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@mpierce2690 said:

I thought that the biggest thing here was that Batman said, "his name was Tim Drake now" at the very end. I'm completely fine with everything else. I'm extremely curious if there might be a huge reveal in the future about who Tim really was, as in, might we find out about an uncle or a brother or something like that down the road that might shock us. Something like, Tim's real last name is Nigma or Dent or something crazy like that.

His real name will end up being John Blake.

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#72 Posted by TheMultiverse (162 posts) - - Show Bio

Could "Red" Robin be from his brother being Red Hood? That.............naaaaa.

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#73 Posted by MisterKetch (254 posts) - - Show Bio

I really don't get all the New 52 Tim Drake hate.

He formed the teen titans in an effort to stop the murder/enslavement of teen meta's from Harvest.

Superboy mentions that if Tim was fighting to kill he might have beat him.

He still is an amazing computer hacker, this is shown throughout Titans, not to mention that he is apparently a tech genius with that awesome set of retractable/indestructible wings he has.

Batman clearly states in this issue that he believes Tim has as much innate detective ability as himself he simply got to him first this time (Which makes more sense, as someone commented earlier if someone is looking into Batman, batman's probably going to know about it)

He's a complete bad ass.

Oh boo hoo Tim knows gymnastics now... REALLY FANBOYS?! Its a completely necessary skill for a bat ally to have this was only helping to set up Tim as someone who can stand as batman's sidekick.

Tim Drake was great, this issue was AMAZING. He didn't want to be Robin because of Jason (fits with Tim's personality) he was a genius teenager who got complete support from his parents (aka he was cocky and thought that pure ability would make things work out with stealing from the penguin)

This issue was a coming of age for him, he starts by saying "id even consider an unpaid internship" to bats, hes a cocky teen who things he's invincible (like we all do at that age) who then fucks up and get his life rearranged and parents almost killed, he now has to live with that. This is fantastic back story and fuel for this character.

Tim Drake is one of the best written comic book characters out there because he's perfectly portrayed as a human, he acts and reacts according to who he is in this world.

Your bitching and moaning about NOTHING. Its like baseball fans whining when there team gets knocked out of the playoffs, The current story lines and characters may have changed but the stories you loved STILL HAPPENED BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM, if you want to reread the same situations and the same relationships endlessly THEN REREAD YOUR FAVORITE COMICS. Everyone who yells about DC changing decades of story lines needs to get over it, yeah somethings are easier to swallow then others, but DC wants to make money people they want to be around in 10 years not down to a handful of comic books each month pushing bankruptcy all because there "fans" need 70 years of backstory for each character.

Stop buying the comics if you don't like them that's the only thing DC is going to respond to, and if your not paying for them in the first place then stfu your reading free comics and don't get the right to bitch about it.

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#74 Edited by Nightflame (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow. o_o That was epic! XD

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#75 Posted by kasino (2064 posts) - - Show Bio

so no dead parents?

don't love Tim no more, sad about it

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#76 Posted by TheArmandoShow (46 posts) - - Show Bio

It's this and the all around make it up as we go along vibe of the new 52 that has me no longer reading any DC except a couple of Batman books.

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#77 Posted by Teerack (10703 posts) - - Show Bio

I kind of miss the fact that Tim brought batman out of a horrible depression after Jason died. Kinda makes earth 31 not make sense now considering Batman seemed to be able to move on without Tim, but what ever.

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#78 Posted by BalooMamalu (57 posts) - - Show Bio

Making Tim Drake a more independent Robin has always been cool with me. Pre-52, Tim's early Robin career was spent next to Jean-Paul Valley as Batman, then Prodigal Dick Greyson Batman, then Batman. Even the Robin solo title was early in Tim's Robin career. What's unique to Tim's Robin has always been self determination and his deductive ability (and arguably, that he didn't want to be Batman, though he might be best suited for it). Even Dick compliments that in Nightwing and elsewhere (I'd have to find the specific issue). I just look at Tim as having a relationship to Batman as being more like Batgirl's relationship (independent, but not entirely separate) instead of Dick's or Jason's.

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#79 Posted by CrimsonAlchemist (412 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheMultiverse: It's kinda funny before the new 52 jason todd was the first to wear the name Red Robin but looks like thats retconned now.

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#80 Posted by madmartin760 (79 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't believe they did this! Tim Drake was my favorite Robin.

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#81 Posted by Superbat420 (281 posts) - - Show Bio

The only problem I'm having with this. Is Tim's name not really being drake. Him not finding out batmans identity makes sense, I mean it's batman. Nobody can do that. They're changing shit for future stories. They shouldn't. All the robIns were unique individuals but now in the new 52 the only one who seems unique is Damien, and that's because there setting him up to be a badass

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#82 Posted by slade_wilson (776 posts) - - Show Bio

Though the five year thing is ridiculous, people need to stop whining about the New 52. I actually prefer Tim to have always been Red Robin. A good way to honor Jason.

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#83 Posted by CobaltArchangel (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Regardless of what they are trying to do in "Teen Titans" there was no need to nerf Tim by not having him deduce that Batman was Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson was Robin. That's one of the things that makes Tim so great! Even Batman commented on his detective skills in the Hush story arc by saying he believes "one day he will be the greatest detective." Tim is by far my favorite Robin thus far and I like seeing him on his own as Red Robin. Teen Titans #0 is a slap to the face of Tim's fans.

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#85 Posted by MisterKetch (254 posts) - - Show Bio

@KLAK82 said:

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lol... Thank you?

either way I'll be using both of these in the future im sure

Yes Tim might not have found out who Batman is, but its pretty clear he got closer then most have, and Im sorry but saying a teen could figure it out without Bats at least knowing about someone digging around was a bit off imo.

Damian is only unique cause he's an annoying little a-hole.

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#86 Posted by rpottage (969 posts) - - Show Bio

@Psycho_Soldier: That could also forshadow their return and subsequent death, or possibly even near death.

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#87 Posted by Tagster749 (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I reckon they are setting Tim up to become Harvest.

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#88 Posted by JakeN7 (15180 posts) - - Show Bio

@darth_jones: Yeah pretty much. The last name Drake was given to him after being placed in the witness protection program. To me the Pre-Flashpoint Tim Drake-Wayne and the New 52 Tim Drake are two completely different characters.

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#89 Posted by Batfam4lifered (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the red suit that Tim always wore when he was still Batman’s partner in new 52

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