Does Tim Drake need a new identity?

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So, when Tim left his Robin identity behind we all were wondering what identity he would take. He took the Red Robin identity and wen't on to form a "new" version of the Teen Titans. But it always felt strange to me, having use this identity, it never felt like he moved on, adding Red to the name doesn't distinguish him from the Robin identity. Maybe he should become the new Nightwing? What do you think?

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Nope, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Jason Todd is Red Hood and Damian Wayne is Robin. Tim needs a New original identity. I'd like to see him become the new Dr Midnite

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Actually he took the identity of Red Robin because Red Robin was a known criminal, and he was planning on getting his hands dirty and didnt want any of it going back to Dick.

In the new 52 it makes absolutely no sense that he would pick Red Robin, he should go with a new identity. Something with Red probably, as he seems fond of that color. like Redwing, Scarlet Wing, Cardinal, etc.

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