Could Tim lead the Club of Heroes?

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The idea came to me after checkin out the cover for Battle for the Cowl #2 (though only 2 club members are present).

Isn't Lynx a villian?
Isn't Lynx a villian?

In case you have no clue who I'm talking about (as "danhimself" reminds me)
Who are the Club of Heroes?
In the Golden Age they were originaly called the Batmen Of All Nations. Morrison brought them back in issue #667 - #669 where Legionary is killed by John Mayhew of the Black Glove. Then the group returns in RIP issue #681

According to Rokk's review of #667 The Club of Heroes are pre-crisis (of Infinite Earths) characters who have been revived into the modern era. He also describes them as "out-of-place, C-List looser heroes who don't belong in the modern DCU. But that could change right?

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I didn't think the Club of Heroes (any member) would make an appearance in BOC but since they are, maybe there could be a future for them after BOC. I smell a team book and Tim would be the perfect leader (and selling point). With Tim's leadership maybe he can turn them into real modern day hereos in there own way.

It's only a theory but I think that's a better option than making him Nightwing, that's the lazy way out. If he's gonna drop the mantle of Robin he needs a brand new identity. but what will Tims' identity be?

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don't know much about the club of heroes....i tried to read r.i.p. but couldn't follow it....but i'm really hoping that nightwing becomes batman and robin becomes nightwing and spoiler or damien becomes robin

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