Tim Boo Ba

    Character » Tim Boo Ba appears in 18 issues.

    Tim Boo Ba... undisputed conqueror... of a world destroyed by a glass of water!

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    Brief History

    Tim Boo Ba was a member of a Microworld race from the planet Devotkos. Like all Devoktites he had flame breath, prodigious skull horns and a generally reptilian biped appearance. In scale with other Microworld entities he was large and powerfull. Because of his power, he conquered his whole planet. He became a tyrant over his own world, where he enslaved the population. All seemed to go the way of Tim Boo Ba, until he was washed away by a giant tidal-wave. But was it really a tidal-wave? As the camera zooms out, it is seen that a young boy has a small Eco-dome in witch TIm Boo Ba lived, not bigger then an ant. Someone accidentally pored water over the Eco-dome, and that was the end of TIm Boo Ba!!

    His attempt to grow to macroverse size was defeated by a coterie of other monsters.


    The monster Grogoom is a member of the same species.


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