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    A former prostitute living in New York City, Tilt Shimura is Alice Cohen's close friend and roommate. Tilt and Alice were responsible for the discovery of The Monolith in the present day, and the three have since become almost inseparable companions.

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    While on the run from a dangerous drug dealer named Prince, Tilt Shimura and Alice Cohen sought refuge in an abandoned house that had recently been willed to Alice by her dead grandmother. There, Tilt and Alice discovered The Monolith, who had been sealed up behind a brick wall and abandoned decades earlier. The Monolith ended up saving the two women from Prince, and since then he, Tilt and Alice have been close friends and allies.
    After Tilt was diagnosed as being H.I.V. positive (a result of her former life as a prostitute), Alice tried to raise her spirits by taking her out for a night of dancing. Their evening was disrupted when a fight in the dance club caused a slumbering Iron Golem to awaken and go on a rampage,  but the Monolith managed to save Tilt and Alice once again. Not long afterward, Alice was captured by a human slave ring masquerading as a woman's shelter, run by a man who Alice had recently begun dating. Realizing that their friend was in danger, Tilt and the Monolith tracked Alice down and rescued her, along with the other women who had been held against their will.
    Following the destruction of Blüdhaven by Chemo,  Tilt, Alice and the Monolith traveled to walled-off city's borders to aid in relief efforts for displaced refugees. The Monolith was eventually seemingly destroyed by Major Force; whether or not he ultimately survived is unknown, as are Tilt's current whereabouts. 


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