Character » Tigress appears in 17 issues.

    The first Tigress was a spy and an expert thief. She was an arch-enemy to the golden age hero Zatara.

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     The first Tigress
     The first Tigress
    Nothing is known about the true origin of the Tigress. She first appeared when she and her gang robbed a train of $200,000, killing two railroad detectives in the process. Her gang gained the attention of Zatara and his assistant Tong. Zatara used his crystal ball to detect their next target, and he and Tong set an ambush. They defeat the Tigress’ gang, but she escapes.
    The Tigress returns again and again to vex Zatara. She returned to set about murdering wealthy individuals by strafing airplane after manipulating their wills, and was again stopped by Zatara. Since then, she has attempted to steal the Emerald of Cheops, raid the Zulu diamond mine, to pilfer the treasures of the Lama Jerbel, steal the treasure of Genghis Khan, assassinate banker Ed Burton, steal the gigantic jewels of Kartzoff the builder, partnered with mastermind criminal Asmodus, and teamed-up with gangster Frosty Parke. Each time, her schemes were thwarted by Zatara.


    The Tigress was a villain introduced in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) as a villain for Zatara. Created by Zatara creator Fred Guardineer, the Tigress would become a constant enemy of the golden age mystic. She fought Zatara in another 10 appearances in the pages of Action Comics. She has not been seen since.
    Apocrypha material suggests that the first Tigress is the mother of the second Tigress ( Paula Brooks) and grandmother to the third Tigress ( Artemis Crock), but that has not been confirmed in published continuity.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Tigress was an excellent strategist, deploying intricate plans for gaining money. In execution, she was a bloodthirsty individual that often killed in cold blood. 

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