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Little is known of her origin other than she is a native female humanoid of a hostile planet.  


Her first appearance was in Tigress Tales #1 in 2001. 

Character Evolution 

The character seems to have a compelling nature to mate and this drives many of her actions.   

Major Story Arcs 

She is the native of a planet which is visited by a group of young Earth people who are interested only in destroying the local habitat for fun.  Tigress is eventually captured but is released.  It is determined that they are not able to return with the total crew they have, so they leave Tigress and an android Adronicus behind.  Adronicus bgins to teach Tigress English.  They are soon captured and sent to a labour camp.  They soon  escape from their Phaadronite captors although the robot is irreparably damaged.  Before he breaks down completely he programs the spaceship which they are on for a course to Earth.  

Powers and Abilities 

She is a savage humanoid though not necessarily with any negative intentions.  She is capable of heightened combat ability due to her experience and physiology.  

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