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This is bar none one of the weirdest science fiction stories that I have ever read.  In the previous issue Tigress managed to escape from her planet and got sent "home" to Earth by her dying android companion.  Here though when she gets to Earth she finds it in a seemingly post apocalyptic state but one which seems pulled out of a Jane Austen novel.  She is forced to fit into this anachronistic family that may or may not be one of a few families left on the planet (it is ambiguous with the radiumite poisoning.)  The backup story with Madame Tarantula is for the first time more entertaining I think as it deals with a sort of old Western standby, the snake oil salesman, except this time he is selling something a bit more potent than snake oil.  This series thus far has been ok, but the abstract nature of this issue makes it harder to like or even to place well what is going on at all times. 

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