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    The savage Karnan feline fighter is the member of the vegan System Omega Men. Occasionally the leader of its many incarnations Tigorr has been fighting with Adam Strange in the Rann-Thanagarian War.

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    Toghurrhu was born in the slum of a spaceport city on the planet Karna to an unwed mother who had little time for him. Little Tigorr's fascination with spacecraft led to an incident that began his violent career: while sneaking a look inside a Karnan military flier, Tiggor was surprised by a guard, and in his panic, killed him.

    Fearing what would happen to him, Tigorr fled into the jungles of Karna and learned to survive there, joining a pride of wild felines of his kind, from which he took a wife.

    During that time, Tigorr's regressor or shape shifting abilities emerged - a power once common, but now extremely rare to is species. After years of happiness, Tigorr's pride was ambushed by invading Citadel forces, and most, including Tigorr's wife, were slain. Later, Tigorr returned to the city and applied for military service, intending revenge upon the Citadel.

    Tigorr was given pilot training and he proved to be a top ace, but could not rise above the rank of Lieutenant. His shape shifting powers were scorned by his superiors, and only his fellow pilots appreciated Tigorr's skill and bravery. Karnan felines had not yet entered the Citadel war, but Tigorr convinced a group of pilots to hijack their ships and fly with him to aid other rebel forces. There he met Primus and joined the Omega Men.

    Tigorr presented himself as the former leader of Karna's military forces and his skills placed him in Primus' inner circle, although the two often had disagreements. Tigorr always wanted less talk and more action, and argued thst Primus always erred on the side of caution. Some of the Omega Men believed Tigorr would make a better leader for the team and the situation was made worse by the devious Demonia who incited a duel between the two that Primus only just survived. Tigorr finally realised who was the true irritant, and slew Demonia. The he killed the Omegan Fleet in a daring attack on the Citadel Homeworld that succeeded in destroying the Citadel leadership and ending the centuries long war.

    In the aftermath of this, Tiggor returne dcommand to a recovered Primus and the two became good friends. When the Spider Guild invaded the Vegan system, Primus appointed Tigorr commander of the Omegan fleet, but after two disastrous battles in which Primus was taken prisoner and the fleet scattered, Tigorr relinquished that position to follow Kalista on a mission outside of the Vegan System. Tigorr went on to renew an old relationship with Harpis and the two fought as partners in new adventures until the Omega Men established a new base on the planet Kuraq. Tigorr and Harpis remained to provide protection for the new colony and Tigorr was elected mayor by the Vegan refugees of Kuraq.

    Post Flashpoint

    In the new 52 the events of Flashpoint have changed Tigorr's history. His father was captured by Lobo and he was held captive on Lobo's space ship the Starpoint until it crashed into Earth and the captives were able to escape. Tigorr's father met an earth women and she gave birth to Tigorr.

    Tigorr's family tried to lay low and stay under the Earth goverment's radar but Maxim and his company soon found them and offered them what seemed like sanctuary. But all was not as it seemed and Maxim was not the savor he appeared to be. He experimented on Tigorr and the others and forced them to join his super team, The Omegas.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hunt for Lobo

    For more information see: Hunt for Lobo

    Lobo has escaped from Maxim's high security prison, and Maxim has decided to hire Deathstroke to bring him back or eliminate the alien. Maxim first needs to test Slade's ability and to do this he has Tigorr and Primus ambush him at the grave sight of Slade's dead wife Adeline Kane Wilson. Slade is easily able to take care of Tigorr and Primus but Maxim steps in before either are badly hurt.

    Slade excepts the mission and the stipulation that the Omegas have to tag along. When Slade and Zealot order Tigorr and the rest of the team to stand guard while they check out the prison Lobo escaped from Tigorr disobeys when he smells Kharlak and saves Slade and Zealot from an ambush.

    When Slade and the team track Lobo back to his ship, Tigorr tries to take down Lobo but as Lobo points out Tigorr is only half Karnan and is no match for Lobo. When it is revealed that the Omegas were the one who freed Lobo in the first place Tigorr escapes before he can be blamed.


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