Tiger's Beautiful Daughter

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    Immortal Weapon of one of the Seven Cities of Heaven..many a man has found his doom at her hand..or in her bed.

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    Brief History

    In Li Hua's city, women cater to the men's every whim and are expected to do so out of gratitude that the warrior men protect them and their beautiful city. On the shore she awaits the return of Tiger Warrior, her father, from the battlefield so that he can tell her his stories of battle. She yearns to fight by her father's side and feels shackled in her city which she describes as beautiful but boring.

    In her dreams she is being trained by a woman she thinks is her mother which is strange for two reasons. One reason being that in her city women don't fight and the second reason being that she never knew her mother as she had died shortly after childbirth. When her father comes back from the battle she implores him to let her indulge in his tales of combat and carnage.

    Her inner thoughts reveal that unlike her sister she does not yearn for men. Instead she yearns for spilling blood and crushing bones in combat. On the night of celebration following the men's return, a young warrior named He-Ping informs her that her father has allowed them to begin a relationship.

    Li Hua storms off to the forest where her father is staying. Her father is surprised and tells her that she should be back with the others enjoying the festivities. On her way back to the cit she finds the city is being ambushed. Her blood begins to boil and she feels excitement from watching the murderous carnage. As the men who are supposed to protect them run away, she is able to defeat the hordes of enemies with the abilities she learned in her dreams.

    Returning to her father with sword drawn she asks why her father did not join the fight to protect the women. It is then that Tiger Warrior reveals that it was all a ruse. He reveals that they faced the same enemy twenty years ago and that their finest warriors fell. Including Tiger's Beautiful Daughter's mother. Twenty years ago the women were the warriors, the men the more docile nurturers and peacemakers. With nearly all of the women killed the men made a truce. They lost 90% of their lands, in return they were guaranteed a safe haven--as long as they kept the women docile. The Mother of Li Hua was the greatest warrior of them all and she is why Li Hua is so obsessed with battle.

    Li Hua is in disbelief and asks about the soujurns When the men go off to fight and come back with stories.Tiger Warrior reveals that they are all false stories to keep them safe. Her father tells her that the Brutes have broken the truce and now wish to enslave them, so he has made plans to flee to another land. She calls him a coward and a liar and then proceeds to mobilize the women as troops, imploring them to let their ancestral warrior blood flow through their veins. Li Hua calls her father a coward and mobilizes the women troops. She gives them brief training praying for their mothers to give them guidance. They catch the enemy unawares and are able to prove victorious and the rebel hordes are defeated. That night they begin their blood quest to take back their lost lands. The men serve the women warriors and while the men wait in fear, her warrior women await her command.

    Many years later Tiger's Beautiful Daughter competed in the Capital Cities of Heaven tournament and was defeated by Davos the Steel Phoenix, a fight in which she took his hand. She aided Iron Fist against Hydra's invasion of K'un Lun alongside the other Immortal Weapons. Later on she and the other Immortal Weapons came to New York with Danny Rand.

    She was later murdered by the Prince of Orphans, but her death (along with those of the other Immortal Weapons) was undone after Doctor Strange changed history.

    She later died off-panel during events of Heart of the Dragon when Brenda Swanson targeted the dragons of the Holy Cities to unleash the Hierophant.


    Tiger's Beautiful Daughter was created by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja in 2007 and first appeared in The Immortal Iron Fist # 8.


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