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    Tiger is a veteran soldier with impenetrable skin. He is a member of Euroforce.

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    Marvel Italia

    Tiger is an eight foot tall hulking veteran soldier, who have fight as regular end/or mercenary in numberous war zone of the middle-east area and in some mission he work with alongside Nick Fury.

    During an unspecified mission, Tiger was gravely wounded and captured by enemy forces, with made on him experiment, replacing his skin with that of african animals [elephant and/or rhino] and augment his physical attribute.

    Year later he became part of the Task Force of Euromind, lead by Dragonfly.

    Investigating an U.F.O. crash in Malaysia, the Task Force was ambushed by a trio of high-tech japanese mercenary called Lords of War. After losing Blue Condor and Iceboy, Dragonfly lead Argento and Tiger into a desperate battle. After the dead of Dragonfly and the fading out of Argento, Tiger his the only member of Task Force returing at base on his legs.

    Returned to the Euromind Base, Tiger join Key and the Euromind, forming the Euroforce as a Field Leader and second in command.

    After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Argento and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

    All-New Marvel Now

    Tiger appear with Key years later while recruiting the Black Knight to form and lead a new Euroforce Team [Avengers World #12]. In later issue, he appear alongside the new team fighting the forces of Morgan Le Fey.


    Tiger have highly resistent skin, comparable with that on an elephant or rhino, is an expert of hand to hand combat and like rifle and heavy weapons. He have military training and years of field experience in warzone. While he have not real "superstrength", his size and muscular density make him stronger and with more stamina than a normal human being, and his physical stats can be compared with that of Super Soldiers such as Nuke or U.S.Agent


    The real name of Tiger was never stated in the original Europa serie, and have been indicated only in later official Marvel Handbook and Site. Anyway, it was stated that the real name of Tiger his a mystery both for Euromind and the Euroforce, and that he use "Tiger" as his common name.

    Tiger have both France and Algerian citizenship.


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