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    Tiger Shark is a human who has had his DNA modified to include a tiger shark's and Namor's DNA.

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    Todd Arliss was once a professional swimmer, until he injured his back while rescuing a man who had fallen overboard from a pirate craft. Todd Arlis was told by the medic he could no longer swim. Dr. Lemuel Dorcas promised Arliss he could help. Dorcas would use the "morphotron" to imprint the genetic pattern of an animal onto a human. He would use tiger sharks on Arlis, but when he tried it, Dorcas also captured Namor's genetic pattern as well as the tiger shark's, transforming Todd into a super human. Dorcas then gave Tiger Shark the costume and the name, who then tried to use him for his own ambitious ideas. However, the Shark escaped to the open sea, and accompanied Lady Dorma down to Atlantis. Shark bullied himself to the throne, until Namor arrived and took it back, sending Tiger Shark to prison. But Tiger Shark escaped when Atlantis fell victim to the Serpent Crown, he swam to Sargasso Sea.

    His sister, Diane is married to Stingray.

    Character Creation

    Tigershark was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema in 1968 and first appeared in Sub-Mariner # 5.

    Character Evolution

    Tiger Shark was starting to lose his powers, so he met Llyra who restored his powers. He and Llyra would face-off against Namor, Stingray, and the Fantastic Four. They both retreated from the battle, but not before Tiger Shark kills Namor's father Leonard McKenzie. Tiger Shark has been seen fluctuating between his human and shark like humanoid forms recently, depending on whether the writer and artist have done their research properly. Continuity? What's that?

    Major Story Arcs

    Tiger Shark would join Baron Zemo and Egghead's versions of the Masters of Evil.

    Under Siege

    Tiger Shark would join the Masters of Evil once again against the Avengers in the Under Siege story arc.

    Acts of Vengeance

    Tiger Shark attacks La Bandera.
    Tiger Shark attacks La Bandera.

    Tiger Shark was hired by the Kingpin during the Acts of Vengeance to eliminate a young mutant and freedom fighter named La Bandera who was opposing a drug lord in Tierra Verde. Tiger Shark followed her from Florida to Tierra Verde and fought her on the docks. Despite her mutant abilities, Tiger Shark was too powerful for La Bandera. Wolverine just arrived in Tierra Verde when he came upon the fight so he intervened when Tiger Shark was gaining the upper hand. Wolverine slashed Tiger Shark's suit which ended up draining his water reserves and he was forced to retreat into the water. La Bandera continues to fight against the drug lord Felix Caridad and his special adviser Geist. Tiger Shark was in cahoots with the drug lord and they set a trap for La Bandera and her rebels when they tried to free political prisoners being held in the Tierra Verde Medical Center. Tiger Shark kills the rebels but Wolverine saves La Bandera again. Tiger Shark takes Wolverine into ocean waters where he slams Wolverine's adamantium claws deep inside a coral reef. Tiger Shark leaves Wolverine to drown since he was stuck on the reef and heads back to finish La Bandera. Wolverine manages to break free and slashes Tiger Shark up during their next encounter. Wolverine and La Bandera try to follow Caridad inside a helicopter when he tries to escape but Tiger Shark emerges from the water. Tiger Shark clings to the helicopter and tries to bring it down but his wounds from Wolverine's claws attracts a number of sharks. Tiger Shark is overwhelmed by the sharks and forced to let go of the helicopter.

    Tigershark who has mutated at this time, would help Namor his sworn enemy against Suma-Ket. He would also become romantically involved with Tamara Rahn.

    Tiger Shark again appeared as Namor's enemy when he stole the "Horn of Gabriel" which gave him the ability to summon massive monsters form the deep sea. Tiger Shark is later defeated by the combined forces of Namor and the Mighty Avengers.

    New Warriors: Reality Check

    Tiger Shark would be one of many criminals that escape from the Raft during a mass breakout. Following the jailbreak at the Raft, Armadillo and Tiger Shark were apprehended by the New Warriors on their reality television show. Tiger Shark and Armadillo went to hideout in the town of Fairbury and the New Warriors were on their trail. Robbie Baldwin went to their residence poised as a pizza boy. He noticed the adamantium chain that was on Tiger Shark's wrist and that's when Armadillo broke threw the door stating they would not go back to the Raft. The rest of the New Warriors came out and a fight ensued. The two villains were linked together so Nova grabbed the chain and took them into the sky. Nova slammed both villains into the ground and Armadillo rolled up into a ball because he was unconscious. Tiger Shark got up and starting swinging his partner around and used him as a giant ball and chain. Tiger Shark was eventually taken down by Night Thrasher and both villains were sent back to prison.


    Punisher chokes out Tiger Shark.
    Punisher chokes out Tiger Shark.

    Tiger Shark would be a captive of Al Kraven, the son of Kraven the Hunter when he began to collect super-humans with animal themed powers and abilities. Kraven had explosives strapped to their neck and began to strip his captives of their humanity with the use of his jungle chemistry. The Punisher came across Kraven when he was searching for the Rhino after he killed a security guard. The Punisher entered the shipping vessel where Kraven was holding the animal villains but was taken down and chained to a steel beam while the ship began to slowly sink. Kraven would release all his drug induced captives and let them run amok . Tiger Shark came across the Punisher and broke his chains before taking him below the submerged room. The Punisher emerged from the water with a chain wrapped around Tiger Shark's neck. The Punisher was victorious when Tiger Shark passed out.

    Dark Reign

    Mutated form
    Mutated form

    Tiger Shark gets hired by Norman Osborn to take out Deadpool. With their first encounter on sea, Tiger Shark succeeded in killing Deadpool, but apparently unaware of his healing factor, he left Deadpool stranded on a beach, allowing him to heal. Osborn contacts Tiger Shark again and warns him that if he doesn't bring Deadpool's head to him, he'll come after Tiger Shark. During their second fight, on land, Tiger Shark gets forced down on the ground by Deadpool when suddenly their fight gets interrupted by the police. When Tiger Shark tries to kill Deadpool for the third time, he gets interrupted by Bob, Agent of HYDRA. A third fight between Deadpool and Tiger Shark breaks out in which Deadpool guns down Tiger Shark.

    During the Dark Reign, Tiger Shark joins the new Lethal Legion led by the Grim Reaper against Norman Osborn.

    Hawkeye: Blindspot

    Tiger Shark reappears with Absorbing Man, Mr. Hyde and Grey Gargoyle as the Lethal Legion when they attempt to steal an armor truck filled with money at the New York Harbor. They are confronted by Hawkeye and the Avengers during the heist. Tiger Shark and the Lethal Legion are eventually apprehended but the battle reveals that Hawkeye has been a little bit off target because his vision has been slowly deteriorating.

    Fear Itself: The Deep

    Attuma has become one of the Worthy and is transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans after he comes into possession of one of the mystic hammers. Nerkkod destroys New Atlantis and Namor is forced to retreat. Tiger Shark, Tyrak and Aradnea are Nerkkod's generals who are ordered to watch over the prisoners of New Atlantis and prepare for Namor's return to liberate his people. A race of undersea demons called the Undying Ones are unleashed and they begin to possess the citizens of Atlantis so Namor gathers a team consisting of Lyra, Dr. Strange, Loa and the Silver Surfer to help protect his kingdom. The leader of the Undying Ones called the Nameless One would make a deal with Nerkkod's generals and Tiger Shark would become its host and sprout two heads.

    Defender of the Deep

    When Tiger Shark got into a fight with Stingray for trying to extort toll money from a cruise ship, they were approached by Namor. He was creating a team of underwater guardians, that he was calling The Defenders of the Deep, to protect the seas from surface dwellers. Tiger Shark was convinced to join when Namor nearly beat Stingray to death for refusing.

    Powers & Abilities

    Tiger Shark is able to lift about 75 tons while in contact with water and less than 40-50 tons while dehydrating. (This strength level is varies wildly, often fluctuating between his more humanoid and mutated forms. It's almost as he has a new strength limit depending on the writer) He has superhuman stamina and durability, but his powers slowly decrease as he spends time out of water. He can breathe both air and water and swim at 60 mph. He also has a more shark-like form which he transforms between irregularly. While battling in a contest of champions headed by the Red Hulk's offender's team, Todd had Adamantium implants in place of his regular teeth; enabling him to tear and bite chunks out of superhumanly robust individuals this side of Namor or The Hulk.



    Weight:541 lbs



    Alternate Realities

    Earth 295: Age of Apocalypse


    He appears as a mutated abomination created by Dark Beast and kept as guard of his secret Laboratory in Mexico. He is beaten by Namora.

    Other Media


    Avengers: Black Panther's Quest
    Avengers: Black Panther's Quest
    • Tiger Shark appears in The Avengers: United They Stand episode "Command Decision" voiced by Carlos Diaz. He is seen as a member of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil.
    • Tiger Shark appears in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, voiced by Tarusuke Shingake.
    • Tiger Shark appears in Avengers: Black Panther Quest, voiced by Matthew Mercer. In a departure from the comics, this version of the character is a former Atlantean general rather than a human who was given aquatic abilities.

    Video games

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    • Tiger Shark appears as a villain in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance voiced by Beau Weaver. He assists Attuma, Byrrah, and Warlord Krang into invading Atlantis and set up Sonic Emitters to control the Atlanteans into helping them overthrow Namor. When the heroes confront Attuma and Tiger Shark, they battle them and managed to defeat them. When the heroes ask Attuma who gave them the Sonic Emitters, Tiger Shark squeals stating that they got the Sonic Emitters from Doctor Doom.
    • Tiger Shark appears as an enemy in the Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 game.
    • Tiger Shark appears in the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy, as the primary antagonist of the December 2017 "Pet Avengers" event. Angered at not being accepted to the Pet Avengers Academy, Tiger Shark teams up with the Lemurians (leaderless after the Academy students imprisoned Attuma during the Atlantis event earlier in the year) to attack the Academy. Also aiding Tiger Shark in his attack on the students: Fin Fang Foom, seeking revenge after his own defeat during the "Monsters Unleashed" event.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Bowen Designs produced a Tiger Shark bust.
    • Tiger Shark was included in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Tiger Shark was featured in the Super Hero Squad line from Hasbro as part of a two-pack with Iron Man.
    • Tiger Shark was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Tiger Shark was featured in the Marvel Universe Masters of Evil box set from Hasbro, which also included Radioactive Man and Baron Zemo.
    • Tiger Shark appears in Hasbro's Marvel Legends wave as part of the Ultron Build-a-Figure wave, which was released to coincide with the Ant-Man movie in 2015.

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