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History (Pre-Beast Wars)


Wing Saber and Unit-2
Wing Saber and Unit-2

Tigatron was once known as Unit 2, part of the Maximal Command Security Force which protected the fragile peace that existed on Cybertron in the centuries following the Pax Cybertronia. One of the Security Force's elite troops, Unit 2 was often put in charge of guarding important Maximal artifacts, a job that often required his amazing prowess at tracking. Despite his strong command of this environment, Unit 2 wondered if his destiny and place was elsewhere. When the Golden Disk was stolen by a band of rogue Predacons, Unit 2 responded along with Unit 1, Nitrostreak. After Nitrostreak was incapacitated, Unit 2 attempted to follow the Darksyde by commandeering the Chromia 10, pursuing, along with its pilot.

During the ensuing firefight, their ship was badly damaged. Optimus Primal had their Sparks remotely uploaded to blank protoforms in the Axalon's cargohold, which saved their lives, but severely damaged their core mainframes.

Beast Wars

First wave toy bio

A powerful and fearless warrior, Optimus Primal appointed Tigatron to patrol the northern polar sector, where he roamed in his beast mode. When he encountered Predacon activity, he was capable of transforming rapidly and reconfiguring his titanium tail into a powerful quasar cannon, which he then used to vaporize his enemies! Additionally, he sported a toxic fluid blaster, which rendered anybody struck by it completely useless.

Fallen Comrades

"Let the trails lead where they may. I will follow."


A gentle character at heart, he loved his surroundings and was captivated by Nature's beauty. He'd spend most of his time outside of the base roaming the strange planet and taking in the sights, sounds and smells. He was a pacifist of sorts, but he was a formidable warrior when the need came to fight or stand his ground. He befriended another white tiger who he named Snowstalker. He was devastated when, due to another attack from the Predacons, there was an accident and Snowstalker died as a result from the crossfire (it started an avalanche). Enraged that their fighting was destroying the world around them, Tigatron left the fight for a while but came back to save his comrades who were outnumbered by Predacons.

Airazor was another friend of his, but it soon became evident that the two cared about each other. A romance developed between the two who chose to spend their days after the transwarp explosion looking for stasis pods. The two were abducted by the aliens in "Other Visits: part 1". However, he came back, merged with Airazor, as Tigerhawk but had died in the struggle to stop Megatron from conquering the Maximals.

Primeval Dawn

Tigatron reborn
Tigatron reborn

Tigatron and Airazor's sparks were sent back to Earth by the Vok sometime after Tigerhawk's destruction. Tigatron's spark took possession of Ravage's former body at the bottom of a lake. Joining Transmetal Airazor and a newly created Primal Prime. Tigatron battled Tarantulas and Ravage, who had also managed to escape death.

The Wreckers

Tigatron, Primal Prime, and others arrived on Cybertron during Megatron's anti-biological reign. Various teams met with the Oracle, which assigned them various tasks. When Optimus Primal objected, saying that with all these soldiers, Megatron could be defeated easily, the Oracle swept him away and cleansed his memory of the recent events. Tigatron vehemently objected to this treatment of his former commander. A set of coordinates was infused into Primal Prime's head by the Oracle.

When arriving at an Autobot shuttle, which was to ferry the Wreckers to those coordinates, Tigatron felt that something was amiss. It was then that the Vehicon generals Spy Streak, Scavenger, Quake and Blastcharge attacked. Tigatron used his Nature's Fury attack, utterly destroying Quake. During the ride in the Autobot shuttle, Tigatron meditated, recovering from the battle. Upon arrived at their destination, he once again sensed that danger awaited the Wreckers.

Other Stories

IDW Generation 1 continuity

Tigatron was a native of the planet Eukaris, born from the hot spot inside the Titan Chela. He abandoned his tribe long ago so that he could be with his love Airazor.

When battling combiners from Cybertron briefly touched upon the planet, Airazor and Tigatron witnessed Optimus Maximus battling against Devastator. They later investigated the huge footprints the combiners left behind. Tigatron wanted to report their discovery to the others while Airazor disagreed. Eventually, the pair sought out the advice of Blackarachnia, an oracular Fate Spinner who foresaw the return of their Cybertronian ancestors to their planet and ordered all four of Eukaris' tribes to gather in Talon Valley.


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