Character » Tiffany appears in 44 issues.

    A Hellspawn Hunter who was sent kill Spawn after Angela failed to do so.

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    Tiffany was a hunter for Heaven. She had a rough relationship with Angela, whom she considered a rival. When she heard of how Angela let Spawn escape, she believed her to be a worthless traitor and even began to think that because she had failed to kill him, all the tales of the Hellspawn Angela had killed were just exaggerations. To prove herself worthy of the same title of Angela, she went down to Earth to hunt down and kill Spawn. Her first attempt to do so met in a grisly failure, though she did escape with her life.


    Tiffany was created by Todd McFarlane, and she first appeared in Spawn #44, March 1996

    Other Media

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    McFarlane Toys produced several action figures of Tiffany, with color variants and in various series, with the first one released in 1996.


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