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Tifanny is a Hybrid of three parts; her mother is the 'Last Official Were-Cheetah in the world. Meanwhile her father is an alien from a race known as the Krynn. Lastly, she has Symbiotic Nanomachines generated by the Krynn Royal Family Ancient Relics. Those Relics are now a permanent part of Stryyp'Gia, but are technology of an extremely high order.

Powers & Skills

Advanced Knowledge & Physiology

So far she has manifested an extremely High IQ. She has also displayed Were-Cheetah speed in her human form, and a shape-shifted form that resembles her mothers Hybrid form.

She is in constant contact with the Nanomachines and they guide and help her do things beyond the capabilities of a six year old - like Hack a computer system controlling a Hovercraft built by Penny Pincer for example.

Due to her intelligence, and her unusual family, she currently goes to Advanced Public School with her friends Charlotte (a biological-engineered Harpy), Pojo Polotsk (a Were-Wolf cub) and PeeWee (a gifted child prodigy in DNA resequencing, who used to be one of Gina Diggers rivals).


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