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Agamemnon kidnapped Wolfsbane in hopes to raise Tier in his own image. However when Tier was born he immediately shredded Agamemnon into pieces. Wolfsbane was so horrified by that sight that she disowned Tier. Tier was scared and ran outside, where he met Madrox and Banshee, Banshee scream flew Tier out of the house. He was found by Hela, and then came the other gods, to battle over him, because he is the son of Hrimhari and he would decide the course of a great war. In the chaos that followed Werewolf by Night adopted him and left.


A grown up version of Tier was created by Peter David and Emanuela Lupacchino and first appeared in X-Factor #214 (2011). His first appearance as a baby was in X-Factor Issue 224 (2011).

Major Story Arcs

Breaking Points

Happy Reunion
Happy Reunion

After Darwin had met the grown up version of Tier, he swore to kill Tier. Darwin manged to chase Tier down and was about to kill Tier, but Vanora arrived and he escaped. At the same time Wolfsbane also caught up with Tier and after a small rustle Tier recognized his mother. Since Vanora didn't like Wolfsbane she attacked them both, but was stopped by Shatterstar, who then teleported Tier and Wolfsbane to safe location.

Hell On Earth War

They didn't stay safe for long however, the gods found them again. Tier and his mother went back to New York and X-Factor. There it was revealed that Tier needed to die to prevent the Hell on Earth War. Tier soon found out that he was able to hurt and kill the Hell-Lords, who were on earth battling themselves over total rule of hell. At first Tier didn't want to fight, but after Mephista explains that nothing will be left of Earth if he stands idly by, Tier decides to kill Mephisto, who won the war between Hell-Lords. On his way to Mephisto, he also killed all other Hell-Lord who were imprisoned in Mephisto's castle. And just as he was about to deliver the killing blow to Mephisto himself, he was ran through with a trident by Guido. Tier disappeared in a flash of light and Guido became the master of Hell.

Alternate Versions

Beast of the Earth
Beast of the Earth

A grown up version of Tier appeared earlier, he was the "sheriff" of a strange western town in the desert around Las Vegas. He claimed to be the Beast of the Earth in the coming Apocalypse. That version of Tier clashed with Darwin.

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