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    Tiena is a secundae of House Sinister and childhood friend to Persha.

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    Tiena is the childhood friend of Persha and is often seen with her cohort that includes Wyture, Empher, and Shinnsa. Tiena tried to help Persha by attempting to remove the constriction placed by Ingra, but does not have the expertise to do so. She is notably jealous of the power wielded by Ingra and wishes to one day surpass her. She eventually tries to convince Shinnsa to help her defeat Seahn after Ingra is deposed, but instead brainwashes her with a spell after Shinnsa refuses. Tiena soon teams up with Ihroe and Empher in order take back control of House Sinister and House Dexter, although it seems that she is thwarted when she tries to hide her secret spell in Orium's palace. At the end of another issue, however, it turns out that this may have been part of Tiena's actual plan as she can can be seen spying on both Orium and Ihroe, stating that they performed exactly as she expected them to. Her full plan is never realized due to the abrupt cancellation of the series after the bankruptcy of Crossgen Comics.

    Tiena's name is derived from the word patience and is the primary attribute that governs her personality. It was stated by Barbara Kesel, the series' creator, that had the series been allowed to go on as long as she wanted, Tiena's patience would have awarded her power that rivaled Ingra's.

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