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    Tien Shinhan was once an enemy of Goku in the original Dragon Ball series, but he has since reformed and would go on to become a valuable asset of the Z-Fighters in their many battles against villains that were threatening the safety and peace of Earth.

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    Tien is one of the few humans to ever master the state of Ki and perhaps the strongest full-blooded human ever to exist. Tien trained under Crane Hermit when he was young. Tien trained hard until he became an incredibly powerful warrior not to be reckoned with by any on Earth. His past is never fully revealed, but through the course of several adventures he becomes best friends with Chiaotzu.

    Tien faces off against Goku in the finals of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, ultimately winning but only barely and sort of by luck. Tien stays loyally by the side of Chiaotzu, his travel companion and sparring partner, and also his best friend.

    Tien and Chiaotzu lost their lives in battle against the Saiyan Nappa. Along with Yamcha, they were sent to train under King Kai on his planet. This increased Tien's strength and ability greatly. They were eventually wished back to life with the Dragon Balls.

    Tien has many moves that the other Z-Fighters picked up from him and used in battle. A couple of these examples are the Solar Flare and the Tri-Form technique. However, unlike the others, Tien mastered the Tri-Form technique and expands on it until he creates multiple forms of himself, sometimes 4 or more. He also masters a move called the Tri Beam, the same attack that was used to stall Imperfect Cell, an act that nearly killed Tien.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tien, in the early Dragonball series, was an incredibly powerful opponent. As a student of the Crane School, Tien learned martial arts under both Master Crane and Mercenary Tao. Tien learned all the signature moves of his school, but due to his gifted mind and third eye, he is able to copy movies from the opponents he has fought. Tien's original moves have always been more unique and varied as opposed to the other Z-Fighters like Yamcha and Krillin.

    Tien is one of the most powerful humans on Earth. His physical prowess rivals that of Krillin, but Tien is much more confident and proficient in his fighting abilities because he constantly trains himself. As of the Cell Games, Tien had a boosted power level well over 50,000.

    Superhuman Strength: Tien has always had superhuman strength since his appearance on Dragonball, but this increases tremendously over the course of the series. At the end of DBZ, he can easily lift about 70 tons.

    Superhuman Speed: Tien can fly at about Mach 4 by the end of DBZ.

    Superhuman Agility: Tien is incredibly far more agile than a normal human. He has reflexes many times faster than a human, and can move and fight faster than the human eye can normally follow.

    Tien can also manipulate his form and split his own being into four separate entities, produce blinding light, communicate via telepathy, and use his own life force for attacks.

    Tien gets eclipsed later in Dragonball Z due to the Saiyans reaching higher levels of power, though Tien never stops training and by the end of the series, he is considered one of the most powerful humans on the planet alongside Uub, Krillin, and Yamcha. During the 9th DBZ Movie he fought Future Trunks in a tournament, with the latter having to go Super Saiyan to defeat him.


    Dodon Ray - The signature move of the Crane School. It's a yellow beam shot from the finger that is comparable to the Kamehameha wave, though takes less charge time to fire.

    Evil Containment Wave - Copied from Master Roshi, Tien can use a magic wind to seal a demon inside a small container, like a bottle or electric rice cooker. This move will cost the caster their life.

    Four Witches Technique - A move that allows Tien to grow two extra arms on his shoulders giving him an advantage in close combat.

    Fusion Dance - A video game exclusive, Tien can perform the Fusion Dance with Yamcha to form Tiencha.

    Kamehameha Wave - Copied from Yamcha during the 22nd World Marital Arts Tournament. Tien can use the signature move of the Turtle School.

    Machinegun Fist - Tien hits the opponent multiple times in the chest and body so fast that it looks like his arms are windmills.

    Multi Form Technique - Tien's signature move where he splits into four separate beings, allowing him to outnumber an opponent. The main flaw in this technique is that it splits his overall strength, speed, and ability by 4 as well.

    Solar Flare - Tien arranges his open palm hands across his face and shines a bright flash of light intending on blinding his enemy. Tien can use this as a brief flash or mantain the light, though this will also leave Tien unable to see as well.

    Telepathy - Tien can communicate with people via telepathy.

    Tri-Beam - Tien's special attack where he forms his hands into a diamond shape and fires a powerful energy blast from his hands. This attack can cause massive square holes in the terrain. Tien can upgrade the move to the Neo Tri-Beam by using his life force to add power.

    Volleyball Fist - A martial art technique where Tien uses the opponent as a ball and spikes them outside the ring.

    Alternate Timeline

    In the alternate timeline where Goku died of a heart virus and the Z-Fighters never learned of the eventual attack of the Androids, Tien Shinhan was killed in battle after Yamcha but before Krillin when Android 18 fired an energy wave through his chest. Gohan was the only survivor of the battle and went on to train Future Trunks.

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