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    The Galactic Empire's primary starfighter.

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    Sienar Fleet Systems' TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighter is the clearest symbol of the Imperial Navy's control of space. TIE fighters are present aboard even the smallest Imperial cruisers and are stationed at starports and garrison bases across the galaxy, an ever-present reminder of the Empire's might. 
    TIE fighters are short range ships whose distinguishing feature is the pair of dominant solar array wings mounted on either side of a small target from the front and back, and its incredible manoeuvrability makes it difficult to hit in combat. 
    One TIE fighter may be vulnerable to attack and may be easily destroyed, but for every TIE that is defeated, thousands more will rise up. In battle, an Imperial cruiser can arrive near an enemy ship and launch all of its TIEs before Rebel gunners have a chance to respond. TIE fighters are used for planetary and cruiser defense as well as in assaults against Rebel, pirate, and alien vessels. A secondary TIE mission profile involves escorting heavily armed TIE bombers used in attacking planetary installations. 
    TIE fighters have only sublight drives. This saves weight and increases speed and manoeuvrability, but it makes TIEs dependent on a home base, such as a nearby planet or an Imperial cruiser. TIEs carry only two days' worth of supplies under optimal conditions; in actual combat, TIEs often must refuel after the first few hours. 
    The TIEs manoeuvrability and speed come at a great practical cost to the pilot inside. TIE fighters have no shields, no secondary weapon or drive systems, minuscule fuel supplies, and no onboard life support systems: pilots must wear fully sealed flight suits with self-contained atmosphere converters. By eliminating all these systems, the TIE saves mass and makes room for large power generators, engines, and weapons inside the compact hull. 
    With thousands of new TIE ships being manufactured each year and new pilots regularly graduating from Imperial military academies, casualties are deemed inconsequential as long as military objectives are achieved. Some military strategists claim that the TIE is too responsive to piloting adjustments: novice pilots may attempt an advanced manoeuvre only to send the ship careening. 
    The pilot is strapped into a simple high-gee shock couch and is protected by crash webbing and a repulsorlift antigravity field. The pilot's feet slip into control yokes: pressing or pulling on the yokes controls speed and manoeuvring The hand-control yoke affects precise manoeuvring, targeting, navigation, and fire control. Auxiliary speed and manoeuvre controls are also located in the hand-control yoke, but attempting both flight and fire control through the hand-control unit is very difficult. 
    The TIE has a pair of forward-mounted, fire-linked laser cannons. The laser generators are located in the undercarriage of the main pod and feed off the power generators and batteries. The TIE fighter draws much of its energy from solar radiation absorbed by the array wings. 
    The "common" TIE fighter is the TIE/In, a successor to the earlier T.I.E. and TIE models, built by the company now called Sienar Fleet Systems.


    Squad of Tie-Fighters 
    Squad of Tie-Fighters 
     Flown by imperial tie fighter pilots, they have one cockpit and no life support systems, although easy to destroy the empire creates thousands of these. darth vader also has a tie fighter advanced x1. 
    These weapons of mass destruction are feared by many rebels and systems alike. Once there are a group of tie fighters above a planet it id normally about to be destroyed. Tie fighters also act as an escort to many imperial ships and even super star destroyers such as the excecutor, where thousand are stored. The stie fighters also resemble the famous tie bombers.
    The tie fighter are armed with twin laser cannon and an proton torpedo launching system. These ships are used by the empire and the new republic. The clones normally flew these ships but sometimes humans would fly them. The ships can only take a few shots from a laser cannon to be destroyed, it is there numbers and maneuverability.

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