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    Tidus is a blitzball player from Zanarkand who was transported 1,000 years into the future by a creature named Sin. He is the son of the famous retired Blitzball hero, Jecht. He also hates his father beacuse he was always put down as a kid. He is 19 yrs old

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    Zanarkand's Blitzball Superstar

    Tidus first appears when he is talking to fans and signing autographs before his big Blitzball game. He runs to his Blitzball game and while he’s there the evil entity known as Sin attacks. Tidus then wakes up on the ground and starts to run to escape Sin. While running he notices Auron, his mentor. They run and defeat a few enemies along the way but get stuck in a corner when they get surrounded by enemies. Auron then tells Tidus to cut the big gas tank next to them. They manage to cut the gas tank and when it hit the floor it exploded sending a building in front of them crashing down. They run over the building. Auron managed to make it over, but Tidus managed to grab the ledge of the still standing building. Auron then stands there talking to Sin and picks up Tidus and they both get sent into the future.

    Tidus wakes up in the ruins of a forgotten temple. He swims over to the ruins for shelter. While swimming he encounters a few fiends. He quickly defeats them but a giant fiend comes and starts to attack Tidus. Knowing he can’t win, he swims quickly to the ruins. He almost gets swallowed with his legs inside the creature’s mouth but he gets inside the ruins in time. Tidus then finds the remains of a fire. He then goes around trying to find something he can use. He manages to find flint and tinder to make the fire. With his need satisfied he holds his stomach saying he needs food. During that time a fiend attacks him and he pulls out his sword getting ready to fight. After a few hits a group of Al Bhed blow open the doors to the ruins and one of them help out Tidus. After they defeat the fiend the girl that was helping him knocked him out.

    Tidus then wakes up on a ship and the Al Bhed tries to talk to him but Tidus doesn’t understand the language their speaking. The girl translates. Tidus then decides to work. Tidus and the unknown girl go and dive into the ocean to find some ruins beneath them that might still have some power left in it. They swim inside and when they get to the center they find the power source and turn it on. While leaving the ruins they get attacked by an octopus looking kind of fiend. They beat it using grenades and sword attacks.

    When they get back to the ship Tidus feels exhausted after battling with no food. The girl then comes and gives Tidus some food to eat. Tidus then asks what the girl’s name is. She says her name is Rikku. Tidus then feels overjoyed that she can really understand him. Rikku then asks where Tidus comes from. He says Zanarkand and Rikku acts shocked and says that Zanarkand was destroyed 1 thousand years ago. Tidus then tells Rikku everything that happened before he met her. Rikku then explains everything to Tidus. Rikku then went inside the ship and Tidus thinks about what Rikku told him. He then thinks that Rikku isn’t telling the truth. Before he could finish thinking, Sin attacked their ship. Tidus fell off the ship and into a vortex that was right beside the ship. 


    Arrival In Besaid

    Tidus woke up face first in the water and started to cough because of all the water. Tidus then got hit on the head with a blitzball and someone ashore asked if he was all right. Overjoyed he saw something he knew he did his signature blitzball move the sphere kick to the people on the beach. When Tidus swam ashore the players were amazed at what they saw. Tidus was finally happy and thought to himself that things were looking up. After he did his move again he talked to the captain who said his name was Wakka.

    Wakka said this team was the Besaid Aurochs and asked Tidus where he came from. Tidus said Zanarkand again and everyone was amazed he said that. Wakka wondered if he was serious. Tidus, to save himself said he was near Sin and his head was all foggy like even though it really wasn’t. Still hungry Wakka took Tidus back to the village to get something to eat. On the way though Tidus thinking he could trust this Wakka asked if Zanarkand was really destroyed. Wakka then explains to Tidus what happened. Tidus then thought Rikku and Wakka couldn’t both be lying. They then dive in the river to get to the village but on the way there Wakka headlocks Tidus and asks Tidus to help him in a huge upcoming Blitzball tournament. Tidus accepts and they go.


    Adventures In Besaid

    Wakka tells Tidus to go visit the temple and the Crusaders lodge. Tidus does both and goes back to Wakka’s place. Wakka said the food isn’t ready yet but he offered him a bed. Tidus accepted and fell asleep. Waking up later in the afternoon he notices Wakka gone and goes to the temple. Tidus wonders what is wrong. Wakka says the summoner hasn’t come back yet. Tidus asks if it’s dangerous and Wakka nodded. Tidus runs in without knowing any of the rules. He solves the puzzles inside and when he’s about to take the elevator Wakka goes in behind him. Wakka then explains to Tidus everything about why not to barge in. They then go down into the Chamber of Faith to 2 people.

    Tidus and Wakka go down to Lulu and Kimahri. Lulu first approaches Wakka wondering why he was down there. Wakka tries to think of something but then Lulu turned to Tidus wondering who he was. Tidus responded by saying whether or not the summoner was okay. At that moment Yuna came out the Chamber of the Faith happy she had finally become a full fledged summoner. They left the chamber and went to the front of the temple. There Yuna showed off her first Aeon, which is named Valefor.

    Later that night Wakka introduced Tidus to the rest of the Besaid Aurochs. Tidus and Wakka had the boys cheering when they got their new goal of victory. Tidus then went over to Yuna to go speak with her. Tidus was however greeted by unkindly words. Yuna got up though from speaking with the elderly people and spoke to Tidus. This was Yuna and Tidus’s first meeting. They speak for a brief moment until a child comes over to Yuna and Yuna says she will speak with Tidus more the next day. Tidus then goes over to Wakka and he goes to bed.

    During Tidus’s dream he encounters Yuna and they wonder where the boat is so they can go to Zanarkand. This encounter is interrupted by Rikku appearing in Tidus’s dream. Then another person enters his dream, his father Jecht. This dream for Tidus then started to turn into a nightmare. Tidus awakes when he blurts out something in his sleep. Tidus hears some people talking outside the Crusader’s Tent and he opens the entrance to the tent a little so he can see who it is.

    Outside the tent Wakka and Lulu are seen arguing with one another and it seems Lulu is winning. They talk about Tidus and why Wakka brought him there. They also talk about Wakka’s younger brother Chappu who died a few years earlier. When Lulu leaves Wakka walks in the tent and Tidus asks Wakka about who Chappu is. They both go to sleep so they can go with Yuna on her journey to Zanarkand.

    The next day Tidus wakes up and goes outside where he sees Wakka and Lulu standing together. Wakka gives Tidus a new sword called the Brotherhood.

    After a discussion about the sword Yuna comes out with a suitcase. Initially Lulu thought that all of those things inside the suitcase were Yuna’s. Yuna revealed they weren’t hers. They were gifts for the temples they were too visit. Yuna left behind the things and they were on their way to the boat. Along the way Tidus and Yuna got in some knowledge about fiends and they got some training in too.


    Hit By Water

    When they got to the boat everyone got on and Yuna said goodbye to everyone. The boat is supposed to take the gang to Kilika Island so Yuna can pray to the faith and so The Aurochs can pray for victory. During the boat ride though everyone is attacked by Sin on the boat and Yuna and her Guardians go on the offensive. They eventually draw back Sin but Tidus gets knocked off balance and falls overboard.

    Wakka jumped in the water to find Tidus unconcious being attacked by Sin Spawn. Wakka revives Tidus and they fight the Sin spawn eventually winning. They get back on the boat where they arrive at Kilika a while later. They find out Sin has attacked the island leaving many dead and Yuna goes to do a sending. The Aurochs go about fixing parts of the island while Tidus, Lulu, and Kimahri watch Yuna do the sending.


    The Sending

    Seeing how Tidus has just got to Spira he has never seen a sending and when he saw his first one he was kinda creeped out by it. He never wanted to see another one performed. The next day they go to the temple so Yuna can pray. Once there they see a summoner name Dona and her Guardian Bartello. They talk to them and leave for the Chamber of the Fayth. Tidus isn’t a guardian yet though so he couldn’t go. When he was about to leave Dona and Bartello came back and Bartello threw him back on the elevator leading down into the Chamber.

    The elevator goes down but it doesn’t go back up so Tidus is stuck with the decision of whether to go in and solve the puzzle or not. He decides to go in and he solves the puzzle only to be greeted by 2 less than happy people. Lulu gets angry and Wakka wonders why he’s down there. Yuna comes out eventually though and they leave the Chamber. 

    Final Fantasy X-2

    It is now 2 years after the final Fantasy X events. This is when Rikku showed Yuna a sphere found on Mt. Gagazet. This sphere will show them many mystical things. It shows Yuna a young man who looks like Tidus in a prison of some sort. So Yuna joins the Gullwings to save him. The Gullwings are a sphere hunting team. So they will travel Spira in hopes of finding Tidus or to atleast see if he is alive. Later, Yuna finds out the person she saw was actually Shuyin. But, then it later shows Tidus being revived by the fayth. The fayth did this because Yuna had saved the world again from its destruction. The two then reunite with a loving hug and tears were sheded. So Tidus was able to live a nice and normal life for then on. 

    Kingdom Hearts

    Later Tidus apears in Kingdom of Hearts. He is about 13 years old at that time. He is energetic and athletic. He loves to hang around with the younger versions of Sora and Riku. He often takes off on adventures around Destiny Island. Like always, he still has a love for Blitzball. 


    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Tidus is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in this game. A light-hearted, cheerful youth, he follows his father's footsteps as an ace blitzball player for the Zanakard Abes. In battle, he is an agile fighter who easily dodges opponent's attacks as he performs his own. While he appears to be cheerful and lighthearted to his allies, Tidus' weak point is his emotions concerning his father Jecht. He seeks to fight and defeat Jecht to prove himself to him and settle his hatred for him.    


    Tidus' battle style is Spry Striker, a style based on the abilities of his celestial weapon in Final Fantasy X, the Caladbolg. Many of Tidus' attacks cause him to jump or dodge before attacking, letting him swiftly dodge enemy attacks and counter with his own in the same movement, while some of his other attacks are Mid ranged. His attacks consist of fast-paced sword combos and blitzball throws, and his HP attacks are his sword skills and the infamousJecht Shot.  He also has very fast ground movement. However, Tidus is mostly a melee fighter, as most of his long-range attacks are even then short-range, and he has a slow recovery rate when attacking. Because most of his attacks cause him to dodge before striking, this has the inadvertent effect of giving a lag to them between when the player inputs a command and when Tidus actually attacks.


    Here are a list of swords Tidus uses in battle.


    Warrior's Sword

    Enchanted Sowrd

    Baroque Sword

    Hunter's Sword

    Knight Sword

    Wizard Sword

    Taming Sword


    Liquid Steel

    Ice Brand


    Variable Steel

    Mirage Sword

    Prism Steel




    Astral Sword







    Save the Queen



    Lightning Steel


    Double Edge


    Crystal Sword


    Fencing Saber

    Rune Sword

    Soldier's Saber

    Sorcery Sword

    Force Saber


    Sonic Steel



    Master Sword


    Twilight Steel

    Muted Steel

    Lullaby Steel

    Poison Steel

    Basilisk Steel

    Stunning Steel




    Mage Masher


    Side Winder



    Danse Macabre


    Arc Sword




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