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    What happens when you assemble over 30 different comic creators and give them creative freedom to present The Tick the way they see him!? You get The Tick's 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1! To make The Tick's 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 truly special New England Comics Press has gathered over two dozen of the finest comic writers and artists of today to help honor The Tick on his 20th birthday! Simon Bisley and Arthur Suydam share the cover duties with their stunning individual cover renditions of The Tick. The print run will be split equally between the "Bisley Edition" and the "Suydam Edition" and a separately released third limited variant cover will be graced with a Bisley "sketch version"! As the "piece de resistance", and for the first time in many years, Ben Edlund will contribute 3 ORIGINAL PAGES featuring his famous creation!

    As for the stories, the creators were each asked to to write and draw a one page (in some special cases, 2 pages) Tick short tale as if they had total control over the character... and yes indeed they do! The styles of these varied and talented artists range from the super-heroic all the way through the "alternative" world of comics. In addition to these stories we've included many Tick-related articles such as"Arachnida by Ben Edlund", "The History of the Tick as I Know It", "The High Cog Speaks" and the "2006 San Diego Comic-Con Report". If all that isn't enough, we've added the complete creator index/bio pages that includes photos (or illustrations) of each of the contributors in this issue!

    Contributors to The Tick 20th Anniversary Special Edition include (UPDATED 5/25/07):

    • Ben Edlund
    • Richard Edlund (Ben's Dad!)
    • Erik Valdez y Alanis
    • Kevin Atkinson
    • Bryan Baugh
    • Simon Bisley (cover)
    • Jason Burns
    • Zander Cannon
    • Jerry Carr
    • Benito Cereno
    • Gabe Crate
    • Jef Czekaj
    • Dave Garcia
    • Fred Hembeck
    • David Hopkins
    • Paul Hornschemier
    • Josh Howard
    • Jason Jensen
    • Matt Kindt
    • Terry Moore
    • Chris Reilly
    • Brock Rizy
    • Trina Robbins
    • Scott Shaw
    • Arthur Suydam (cover AND an interior page!)
    • Anne Timmons
    • Robert Tinnell
    • Cory Walker
    • Sean Wang
    • Mark Wheatley
    • Bill Tucci
    • Mark McKenna
    • Alan Hopkins (Original Man Eating Cow Artist)
    • Bill Sienkiewicz


    The Tick mistakes the Anniversary section of the news paper for the obituary section, and cries out about the loss of himself.

    A Brief Overview of Our Champion

    We become asweat with knowledge about the many aspects of our hero:

    Mental Fortitude

    Strengths, Weaknesses, and/or Carports

    And Finally Friends and Enemies

    Moth Magnet!

    On his way to the 7-11 to acquire a cherry pez (the emperor of all fruity flavors) the Tick discovers a sealed laboratory canister filled with a radioactive isotope. The Tick begins to glow green as he accesses his new found powers and finds that all moths in the area are attracted to the light (including Arthur).


    The Tick tries to stick to the rooftops to remain inconspicuous while bringing his pizza home, but he is attacked by a pack of wacky ninjas who make him drop his pizza!

    The Winner

    One sister purchased a ticket to win her younger, single sister a date with the Tick. They discuss the marriage prospects for her and the Tick and flip on the TV to discover that predictably the Tick is foiling a bank robbery! The Tick then purchases some flowers and asks the officer what time it is and rushes off to his date. They leave on their date and the older sister looks at the TV to realize that her husband is the bank robber!

    Spelling Bee Blues

    The Tick is in a spelling bee against the courageous Captain Academia, and both are willing to fight it out until the bitter end. The judges read out the next word and a sentence using it: colonoscopy. The Tick humbly suggests that the judges are using the word incorrectly until Captain Academia whispers to the That the colon they are referring to is not a punctuation mark, but is something else... and the Tick is horrified!

    The Return of the Chainsaw Vigilante!

    The Chainsaw Vigilante returns to take out the Tick and Arthur. The Tick attempts to talk him down, but he just has to give chainsawing the Tick a shot. Afterward they have coffee and the Tick makes a relatively incoherent analogy about coffee and life!


    Arthur and the Tick receive a telephone call from a kitten in a tree. The Tick goes to rescue the kitten by chopping down the tree, but the kitten remarks that the tree is an endangered species. Confounded by this moral conundrum the Tick leans against the tree and debates the philosophical implications of cutting it down, right before his weight cracks the tree in half. Then the EPA show up!

    Tub Full of Evil!

    The Tick is playing with his toys in the bathtub and envisions a scene of naughty monkeys trying to kidnap a beautiful princess!

    intellectual pursuits

    The Tick and Arthur are playing chess in the park when the Tick remarks that he would rather be beating up bad-guys. Arthur tells the Tick that chess is a game of wits and it is a crime-fighting tool. When a mugger runs through the park the Tick smashes the chess table over his head, realizing that chess can be a crime-fighting tool!

    World War Spoon

    After several hours of staring into the sun our hero finds himself on a paratrooper plain in 1944 Germany! Jumping out of the plane he bumps his head, breaking off one of his antennae! Arthur saves the Tick with the help of his time machine and returns the tick to the present--where we find that his antennae won the war by landing on Hitler's head, killing him.

    Tick! Tick! Tick!

    The Tick wakes up early after a long night of watching cartoons to go celebrate 20 years with Arthur!

    The House of the Zombie-Vampires!!

    The Tick finds two teenagers trapped in the House of Zombie Vampires. He rushes to save the beautiful girl and gives the boy a concussion!

    The Tick Goes Shopping

    The Tick goes shopping with Bumbling Bee--to buy himself a black tee shirt!

    King Arthur of Mars

    Martians are attacking some of King Arthur's subjects. Not content to just sit on his throne, King Arthur slays the green monsters with the help of his side-kick the Tick. When they are done he feeds the Tick a treat and looks up into space at the Earth wondering if he was born there would he still be king?

    Betraval of the Man-Eating Cow..................Clones!

    The Tick throws Arthur into a pack of cows to determine which is the man-eating cow, however without waiting for the completion of the title he doesn't realize that all of the cows are man-eating. Arthur gets eaten!

    Worrrld Without Balls

    Arthur and the Tick sit on the side of a building eating their lunch while the Tick talks about all of the many wonderful balls used in American sports, then attempts to force Arthur to look at his pickle!

    Justice is Numb

    The Tick rushes to the aid of a woman who is being attacked in a dentist chair. Rather than having her tongue removed by the masked man, she is having her wisdom teeth removed. The Tick scolds them for their loud roll-playing games and rushes off.


    While Tick is remarking on the splendor of the great city a duck flies into his face. Arthur points out that the duck's wings are clipped so someone must have thrown it. They realize that it was the work of Dante Quack: The Devil's Duck Chucker looking for war! Could this be...the end?

    I Found a Funny 'Me' Upstairs

    The Tick finds a funny 'me' upstairs in a dresser. Grandpa made it for him when he was new!

    The Worst Scrape!

    Arthur is in jail and the Tick wants to help out (Arthur thinks this is a bad idea). The Tick reminds Arthur that they have been in worse scrapes before like the time when they were in the arctic driving on snow-mobiles against polar bears with lasers and they find Santa kidnapped by a giant Darth Vader! Arthur tells the Tick that this never actually happened! What?!


    While the Tick and Arthur sit on the corner eating ice cream the Tick tells Arthur two bad jokes!


    Arthur rushes to tell the Tick that it is the end of the world! It turns out that the Zombies are only protesting.

    Tick Tock

    The Tick falls asleep in front of his Television and envisions himself in scenes of glory as his favorite heroes: Judah-Ben Tick, Robin the Tick, Captain Horatio Tick, and 007.

    Happy 20th Tick

    During Chairface Chippendale's 20th birthday party Chromedome brings in his present--The Tick frozen in carbonite. It turns out that the gift is only a giant chocolate statue!

    Tick and Artie

    The Tick asks Artie when their 20th anniversary will be. Artie informs Tick that they are insects and have only short lifespans. The Tick informs Artie that they are comic book characters and are therefore immortal. Artie tells the Tick that their series has been canceled! Not Fun!

    Also included in this book are bios on all of the artists included, and letters from Ben Edlund!



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    Story Arcs

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