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    Absolute Ruler of the Sixth Dimension.

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    Ruling in South America many ages ago Tiboro was the absolute monarch of the Peruvian tribe. At some point he was banished to the Sixth Dimension and the civilization he ruled fell apart. To maintain his link to Earth he buried an object called the Screaming Idol. When the Screaming Idol was discovered it was brought to a television show called The Twelfth Hour. Then the archeologists who discovered it disappeared into the idol. Dr.Strange investigated the event and discover Tiboro`s hand in it and challenged him to a battle. Defeated, Strange had Tiboro release the archeologists. Years later Dr.Strange battled Tiboro again, this time with the Black Knight and again proved victorious. Clea once enlisted Tiboro's aid, along with five other sorcerers, to assist her against Umar and Baron Mordo; but after the battle, Dormammu banished them all from the Dark Dimension.


    Tiboro is a Marvel comics published character created by Don Rico (whose only Dr. Strange-story is this particular one) and Steve Ditko for the Strange Tales series. Tiboro first appears in Strange Tales #129 - The Terrible Trio! released in 1965. Tiboro has primarily remained as a Doctor Strange antagonist and has appeared many times in Doctor Strange's series.

    Character Evolution

    One of the many interesting and unusual villains to originate from Doctor Strange stories, Tiboro is sparsely used, but did recently reappear in the modern age in Joe Casey's Vengeance series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Drive All Night

    After earning the disdain of Loki, the Teen Brigade powerhouse Miss America is teleported to the Sixth Dimension by the trickster god.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tiboro is a very powerful sorcerer with a variety of abilities available to him at any given time.


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