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    Like many artists of his generation, Tibet began the profession of designer at a very young age. He was only 16 years old when he joined the ranks of the Disney studio in Brussels, contributing to the local edition of "Journal de Mickey".

    But he also dreams of a clear line - Tintin rocked his youth - and when the opportunity arises to become a model maker at the Journal de "Tintin", he does not hesitate for a single second! He will patiently do his apprenticeship in the shadow of the Hergé, Laudy and other Jacobs. The recognition will come in 1952, when an animal series is commissioned from him. He chooses the setting of the Far West and creates "Chick Bill", the cowboy who roams the plain singing. Quickly, his hero becomes human, and meets a great success.

    To which must be added that of "Ric Hochet", which he created in 1955 with Duchâteau. Since then, apart from his dear caricatures, his Ingres violin, which he used in "La Tibetière" within the "Tintin" newspaper, he had mainly devoted himself to his two favorite characters, producing no less than two albums per year.

    His death on January 3, 2010, leaves us orphans. But his schoolboy humor and his clear line directly inherited from the old ones have delighted young and old for more than 50 years, and that will never change!


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