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    Disney princess from the movie 'The Princess and The Frog'

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    A young waitress who aspires to become a restaurant owner living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Ever since she was a little girl she loved to cook with her mother Eudora and her father James and gave their food to the poor people around the neighborhood. She dreamed of opening a restaurant with her father called 'Tiana's Place' and her dad used to tell her in order to reach that goal Tiana must work hard. As she got older her father died but the dream was still alive as she got the money all saved up as she worked two jobs. Tiana's mother would read princess stories to Tiana and her rich friend Charlotte such as 'The Frog Prince' Tiana said she would never kiss a frog...Little does she know when years pass at a party seeing a frog next to her Tiana sarcastically asks if he wants to kiss and the frog surprisingly asks revealing himself to be Prince Naveen who got transformed from a spell cast by the evil voodoo master, Dr. Facilier. Naveen bribes Tiana with a reward to kiss him as he believes she's a princess due to the tiara and dress so the two kiss but Naveen is still a frog...Instead Tiana is also a frog! Thus an adventure between the two begins.

    The two crash through the party being chased by the hound dog Stella who recognizes Tiana's voice and says her name. They end up in a bayou on the run from hungry gators yet ironically meet one friendly gator name Louis who dreams of being a human so he can join a jazz band. Louis lets the frogs ride on his back as he leads them to Mama Odie, a voodoo priestess, who gives them a voodoo charm, as it gets dark in the bayou a southern firefly named Ray who's in love with a shining star (literally) joins the group to light the way up. Frog hunters try to catch Tiana and Naveen but the two escape and Tiana teaches Naveen to help her cook as he never did so before in his life. While Ray sings to the star in the sky "Evangeline" Naveen and Tiana dance in the moonlight as they are slowly falling in love with each other. When things seem to be going well on the journey Facilier pops up promising to make Tiana's dreams happen if she hands over the voodoo charm which is a major role in his plans. Flashback emerges or Tiana's past life as her father's voice is in her head telling her about hard work and love. Tiana smashes the charm into pieces and leaves Facilier with the angry spirits.

    It's almost midnight Naveen needs to be kissed to break the curse the only girl who is around is Charlotte so to make her happy Naveen promises that he'll marry her if she will give Tiana her restaurant she's been dreaming of. Tiana comes in time to stop the kiss confessing her love to him. Charolette kisses Naveen with no marriage required but it's already midnight therefore late for the spell to be broken. Tiana and Naveen get married at the bayou once they share their first kiss as husband and wife the curse breaks off hinting what of might broke the curse was true love. Tiana is now a princess with her prince Naveen and the two open up a restaurant named 'Tiana's Palace'.


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