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An ancient member of the Anunnake, a race of extremely powerful dragon like creatures that conquers and enslaves entire planets, positioned to Earth for milleniums.


Tiamat was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore. Her first appearance was in Aquaman #15.

Major Story Arcs

Aquaman v3

Tiamat awakens when Atlan transports Aquaman beneath Poseidonis (the capital city of Atlantis), to set him on his great quest against an upcoming alien invasion. She confronts Aquaman, claiming she has been worshipped as a goddess since the dawn of mankind, and after a fierce fight she is defeated and retreats.

It's revealed that she is in league with Kordax and Admiral Strom, and they have plans of conquering the Earth. Due to his less than satisfactory tries to kill Aquaman, Strom is killed by Tiamat who tells Kordax that it's time for their endgame.

During a worldwide battle that involves all the lost cities of Atlantis and an army of superheores led by Aquaman, Tiamat attacks the White House, where she fights Power Girl and is stalemated by the arrival of Arion, until Aquaman arrives and defeats her with a mental blast, sending her into a magical prison made by Atlan, thus ending her plans for world domination.

Powers & Abilities

Tiamat is an extremely powerful dragon like alien creature possessing vast superhuman powers.

Superhuman Strength

She has immense superhuman strength allowing her to fight against characters like Aquaman and Power Girl on an even level. Her strength is far greater in her gigantic dragon form.

Superhuman Durability

She can withstand attacks from Arion, Power Girl and Aquaman and keep fighting.

Enhanced Healing

She can heal even after being entirely burned to a crisp, due to her eldrich energies

Enhanced Senses

She possesses enhanced senses that are even greater in her dragon form.

Underwater Adaptation

She can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. She can also function on land normally

Flame Breath

She can blast fire through her mouth, strong enough to hurt Power Girl.

Shapeshifting / Size Increase / Dragon Form

She can change from a human sized lizard looking humanoid to a gigantic dragon.

Claws / Jaws / Tail

Her tail can rip through metal, her claws are huge and can pin down a metahuman and her Jaws can swallow a human whole and are powerful enough to trap Power Girl.


She is extremely long lived and possibly immortal.

Vast Experience

Tiamat and her race posses a vast experience of millenium long conquests of entire planets and civilizations, and subsequently rulling them.


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