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    Once a brutal Teutonic knight, Heinrich Barbarossa was secretly a Satanist. He stole the sacred hammer Thurim from the Ark of the Covenant and was killed during the Battle of the Ice against orthodox Russians only to be resurrected as part of Dracula's Résurrection.

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    "Death to those who disobey the Word of God..."

    A deceptively pious man, Heinrich fought for the Germanic Teutonic Order during the Dark Ages. He was secretly a Satanist, but feared the wrath of his brothers and therefore channeled his hatred against his foes as well as worshiping in secret. At one point, he stole a sacred hammer from the Ark of the Covenant. Nevertheless, he could not escape death and was killed during the Battle of the Ice against orthodox Russians. He was resurrected as part of Dracula's Résurrection, a dark and twisted reality in which those who had lived cruel and violent lives were transformed into the ruling class of vampires, religious zealots into bloodthirsty werewolves, and the remaining multitude of "good" people into servitude ghouls. Needless to say, Thurim thrived in the chaos.

    He committed atrocities against the ruling vampire class and was killed. Requiem is his reincarnated state.

    Powers and Abilities

    Thurim's "death"

    Thurim seems to have developed most, if not all, of the characteristics of a traditional vampire. Added to this, he is adept at using magic and the technology of the vampires such as the deadly impalement gun. His main weapon of choice, however, is the hammer he stole from the Ark. With it, he is a devastating melee combatant.


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