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    Thunderstrike is the enchanted mace made for Eric Masterson. It grants its bearer some of the powers of Thor.

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    Thunderstrike first appeared in Thor Vol. 1 #459, it was a "duplicate" of Mjolnir, made in Asgard by Odin for Eric Masterson as a replacement for Mjolnir after the true Thor returned to claim it. Its inscription reads, "The World Still Needs Heroes THUNDERSTRIKE".

    Thunderstrike is made of the mystical uru metal and grants its bearer (if they are worthy) a magnitude of tremendous abilities. If the mace is thrown it returns to their hand with irrestitable force or can be summoned without being thrown.

    If the mace is stamped it can revert its bearer to their mortal form and it becomes a walking stick but if stamped again, they return to their godly body and it becomes a mace once again.

    It has the ability to absorb, magnify and return any type of force allowing it create blasts of power or to manipulate the very elements around them.

    If the mace is thrown and its strap held onto the bearer can fly and is immune to the harmful effects of being within space. It is able to detect nearly every type of energy particularly strong, evil psychic energy. It can also glow in order to provide a limited amount of light.

    By theory the mace can open portals to any desired dimension, at least if it was swung at a certain pitch, by Thor.


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