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First appearance; Spider-Man (UK) # 607 (oct 1984)


Even as a struggling electronics salesman in London, England, the smug Stanley George Johnson always had aspirations of living the grandiose life of a costumed super hero. To realize these dreams, he spent months cannibalizing other people's technology in order to cobble together two piston-like metal gloves powered by a hydraulic device that enabled Johnson to emit powerful sonic booms upon clapping his hands together.  With his invention completed, Johnson traveled to New York City as "Thunderclap" to make a name for himself in the city's growing super-hero community.  Soon after his arrival, he happened upon Spider-Man, who was in the process of apprehending a van-load of criminals.  Thunderclap insisted that he handle the criminals, and clapped his hands together, temporarily deafening everyone in the immediate area and causing massive property damage.  But when the media finally arrived, Thunderclap blamed Spider-Man for the destruction and was hailed as the hero responsible for the criminals' defeat.

Civil War:  

Thunderclap was one of the many heroes who refused to register after the enactment of the SHRA.  He was confronted near Time Square by Bantam (Roberto Velasquez), who attempted to use force to persuade Thunderclap to register.  A brief battle ensued, which ended with Thunderclap clapping his hands together, causing a sonic boom that sent Bantam reeling backwards into a gasoline tanker truck.  The force caused the tanker to explode, killing Bantam.  Thunderclap nervously fled the scene and has not been since. 

Powers & Abilities

Thunderclap possesses no inherent superhuman abilities. He is knowledgeable in electronics and is skilled at reverse-engineering. 


Thunderclap's piston-like metal gloves are connected to a hydraulic device in the back of his costume which uses potential and kinetic energy to enable the gloves to collide together faster than the speed of sound. The resulting sonic boom (approximately 200 decibels) is released outward in a destructive energy sphere which strikes any matter with which it comes into contact with tremendous impact. The sonic boom also has a tendency to temporarily deafen and disorient anyone in the immediate area. Thunderclap's cowl is outfitted with protective silicone cups on the sides and an electronic device which muffles the noise of his sonic booms while amplifying quieter noises to higher decibel levels.

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