Character » Thunderbunny appears in 23 issues.

    High school student, Bobby Caswell, claps his hands and becomes the great hero, Thunderbunny.

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    In 1980, Bobby is vacationing in Rutland, Vermont, with his uncle and aunt. Rising early one morning to read some comic books, he glances outside and sees a light on the nearby mountaintop. Bicycling over, he finds a spaceship whose sole occupant, a humanoid dog named Dr. Bar-ko, explains that his world of anthropomorphic animals is dying due to an axial shift. Not even their great hero Thunderbunny can avert this catastrophe. However, rather than let the noble rabbit perish with the rest of them, Bar-ko transfers the hero's energy force into a power box and brings it to Earth. By touching the box, Bobby acquires the power to become Thunderbunny. He just needs to imagine his alter ego and clapping his hands, becomes the super rabbit. He repeats the process to turn back to normal.

    Bobby returns to Boston well equipped to fight crime being invulnerable to bullets, able to fly, and possessing super strength. There's just one catch; the longer he remains Thunderbunny, the more difficult it becomes for Bobby to become human again.


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