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    A member of the Triumvirate of Terror, Thunderboot was equipped with specialized boots which were capable of creating shockwaves.

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    A common criminal, Thunderboot was recruited by the Mad Thinker in his new scheme to destroy the Avengers.  As a member of the Triumvirate of Terror, Thunderboot was given massive armored boots which enabled him to create shock waves by stomping the ground.  He was the third and final member of the Triumvirate encountered by the Avengers, battling Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.  Thunderboot was able to quickly defeat Quicksilver by creating tremors on the ground around him, stunning him while he got close enough to knock him unconscious with a swift kick.  Scarlet Witch, distraught over her brother's defeat, used her hex abilities to cause an explosion near Thunderboot, but due to his amazing speed, he was able to dodge it.  Acting quickly, Thunderboot slammed his feet into the ground, creating a negative reaction with Scarlet Witch's mutant power.  The psychic backlash short-circuited a device behind her, defeating her.

    With the Avengers defeated, the Triumvirate of Terror regrouped and tied each of the five members up in order to execute them.  Thunderboot and his teammate Hammerhead wished to destroy the Avengers themselves.  Suddenly, Hercules appeared and attempted to save the Avengers.  Before Hercules could move, Thunderboot created a shock wave around him, and them proceeded to jump onto him.  However, Hercules quickly disposed of him.  Thunderboot, having recovered, struck once again.  The Avengers, now fully healed, defeated the Triumvirate of Terror and presumably imprisoned them. 


    Thunderboot was created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck in 1967 and first appeared in The Avengers # 39.

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