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Bring The Action

So wer'e starting to have a story here...Too bad the issues are too short. This team has a lot of anger issues. And they kill very easly. I like it because they are not the regular and expected "Super Hero Team". Actually, I'm not even sure they are "good" yet.

I still don't understand some of the members and why are they part of the story. First of all Mercy, that we don't know anything about her yet and it's not so clear why did she got there in the first place. Second, The Leader, who, for now, looks like a little boy who need help and feels a bit useless. He doesn't help at all and it seems like his success is a mistake sometimes.

Venom doesn't get much attention here, because the love triangle Elektra-Punisher-Deadpool is taking the cameras, and thats bad. I think Venom's doubts in Rulk are much more interesting, and so far i don't like Ross at all. He hides a lot and if they he will tell what he knows the story could be much more interesting.

But this group is very colourfull (well actually they are just black and red...but in their characteristics). And maybe soon we will have a big fight...

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