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Punishers Stalls the Marvel Universe

I'm not sure why the thunderbolts has been such a bore, after the departure of Eugene 'Flash' Thompson (the new-coke version of the symbiotic sigil) and the edition of Johnny Blaze. I'm fairly confident that every time Marvel does a "The Punisher - registered trademark" versus... it becomes an attempt at their version of a Tower of Babel staring the pun man and some team or concept (avengers, zombie-verse, thunderbolts and the like). I'm never a fan of tongue in cheek symbolism but that's what I see every time they have done this. Forming a bias towards the sympathetic situation that the Punisher's in leaves an unlikely situation seem very plausible (i.e. Punisher beating a Hulk, and the Spirit of Vengeance, let alone a slue of capable killers - Deadpool, Electra etc.). The writing is poor in this last story as well as the one shot that preceded it, which I think can also be attributed to the rest of the creative team. Most of the people who I know who like The Punisher for is his Batman-like precision and planning as well as the comparison of being a mortal among meta-humans, a comparison that was made earlier. In this comparison however, I find it comical how the Punisher was rejuvenated from broken limbs, stab wounds and a 10 story fall from the villain Mercy by an angel's feather held by Deadpool (Thunderbolts #25 or so). Along the same thought, Frank makes a superhuman jump, from a laying position, that no professional athlete could make, despite the fact that he has no powers. Further still, following the events of issue 26 surviving a bomb blast. This being a predictable entry into a revenge plot by the P man, meaning that he survives many things that a mere mortal would not come back from implying in some sense that he has his own kind of healing power... Also to add to this he doesn't burn when facing a Ghost Rider? Seriously? Not to mention that he singlehandedly 'cures' Johnny Blaze for the curse of the Ghost Rider (something that Daniel Way and Jason Aaron couldn't do in 35 or so issues - which have more credit in comics than this creative team). This series was on a consistently average to good run before the 2nd marvel now reboot, and now it just needs to end. Deadpool is the only redeeming quality of this series and that's saying something.

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