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DEAL WITH THE DEVIL (Thunderbolts #22)

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When this series was first announced for Marvel Now!, it was my most anticipated series. One reason for it was the team. Punisher, Venom, Elekta, Deadpool, and Hulk! That's a damn sick roster! Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the worst written and drawn series I have ever read. I decided to drop it with disappointment. When Charles Soule took over, I jumped back on the pages of Thunderbolts. The book improved drastically. The series is still not great, but consistently a good read. This issue continues Thunderbolt's rise to quality.

This issue is moving the story forward from what happened previously. Johnny Blaze, The Ghost Rider joined with the others to get rid of Mercy, but instead winds u trapped in hell. Wow, Marvel universe has a hell? Does that mean every person in that world follow religion very strictly? I really don't know how it works. So far in this series, the interjection between the characters hasn't been that interesting, but I loved the chit-chat between Ghost Rider and Venom. Ghost Rider bought up a point about everyone wearing read in the team, he thinks Daredevil should join in since red is his colour. I WANT DAREDEVIL IN THIS TEAM SO BAD!!! That would make the roster the greatest team ever! Deapool is constantly funny with the one-liners. Punisher and Elektra stayed back on earth and they "try" to have an adventure of their own. It is crashed by certain someone. I'm not a big fan of this red leader, but I'm starting to like him. He and others LITERALLY make a deal with the devil. This series had 5-6 different artists before, and none of their visuals really worked on this title. The new artist for this arc is probably the best.

Since the beginning of this series, I wanted this book to be gritty and serious because of the anti-heroes in the team. Daniel Way couldn't make it work. Charles Soule took a different approach and turned this into a silly and goofy book. It actually made it it work. I hope this series continues to improve. 8/10

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