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    Seeing Red

    I desperately wish this series was better. The covers are mind blowingly gorgeous, and the lineup is extremely solid. This is my first exposure to Red Hulk, and I'm actually enjoying it enough. I'm not a big fan of Electra, but Venom and Deadpool always great, and Rucka's Punisher has had me in love with the character.

    But one of the biggest things holding this series back is the artwork. Apparently Steve Dillon rose to prominence with Preacher, but what he's delivering here so far is mediocre at best. There's an excessive, almost Lifeldian lack of feet. We see them sometimes, but a good 80-90% of the panels depict faces or characters from the waist up. It really diminishes the action feel of the series, and makes things awkwardly confined. This is the kind of series that honestly COULD lie back and let itself go nuts with action and badassery, it certainly has the cast for it, and in some ways it seems to be attempting that because so far there's not too much depth. But Steve Dillon is the WRONG artist for a book who's emphasis is heavy on being awesome because his art is very simple and static.

    At least this issue gives us the premise for the team, and an equal focus on the whole cast. Instead of setting everything behind one main conversation, the story jumps around different points along one big plan, each character getting their moment to shine. Except perhaps Electra who has maybe two lines of dialogue and shares action with Deadpool. She really just seems like she's there to bring a pair of boobs to the table, just boobs attached to a woman who can also fight. She doesn't appear to have any unique talents demonstrated in the series that make her stand out in this kind of team. However, Venom definitely earns his place, and Deadpool definitely demonstrates his uniqueness as a character. Also we find out why everyone who wasn't previous in red is in red. But I'm left in the dark about the importance of the final page, I guess you have to be more in the Marvel know to be stunned the way the page intends.

    In Conclusion: 3/5

    I feel like this issue acts upon the promise of potential a bit more than the first issue did, but I'm starting to see what the series is trying to do and it won't work as it is at this point. I would be totally okay with a shallow but badass Thunderbolts, ESPECIALLY with this lineup, but not if it's drawn by somebody like Steve Dillon. This book either needs deeper storytelling and character interaction to balance out the weak art, or better art to justify the lack of depth.

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